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  1. Round3 VLCD1

    Will weighin tomorrow.....Find that tracking the loading weight is NOT very encouraging!

    I find that the success of each round has to do with where we are at mentally. If we are prepared, motivated, at a good place in our social life/personal and emotional life.

    My twin's husband fell very ill right after halloween. He has been in a vegitative state until 2 days ago. We have not known whether he would live or die, but we are beginning to see that he is truly fighting ...

    Updated January 17th, 2012 at 11:20 AM by MeOnHCG

  2. Round3 Load Day:1

    Ghastly weight in:
    138lbs. I've let myself eat 'whatever' knowing I was doing another round. I was 132 earlier this week.

    Goal:stay focused, prepare food, continue walking at gym regularly, focus on how i feel, trust my body to do it's thing and follow procotol.

    Unfortunately one friend is already two weeks in, and doesn't talk much about it. My second friend found out her pharmacy has stopped selling HCG due to the FDA. So....I'm on my own again! My husband ...