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First day of Ph3

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PH3 started after lunch today. I wasn't super hungry so i decided to have a little extra half n' half with coffee, and 2.6 oz of extra chicken, a couple bites of romaine:

-5oz chicken w/jalapenos
-1.5 cup onion

-3.5 oz Tilapia
-2.6oz chicken
-4 bites romaine

-3/4 c. half N' half

545 Calories

Feel totally normal with the increase in dairy, think I'm feeling bloated from my period though. I think I will be able to stabilize with milk....yay. Won't know for sure 'til tomorrow, or maybe the next couple days as I add milk for my breakfast. Does anyone know if Whey protein can cause problems? I get so overwhelmed with all the mistakes i can possibly make.

Tomorrow I'm having:

1c milk
1c strawberries/raspberries
1/4c whey protein

Large coffee
1/4c milk

sweet n' sour dressing

same as lunch

Aiming for 800 calories...not sure how close I am! Please feel free to tweak my next day plan...i want to post a day ahead so I can get feedback if I'm potentially doing something wrong!

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  1. captncrunch's Avatar
    I don't think whey protein will hurt you, I had it throughout p2, today is the first time I had it in p3 so i'll find out tomorrow but I doubt it will cause a problem. Also what kind of chicken are you having? I had chicken a lot, but i chose drumsticks (the only part of chicken that i genuinely like lol) with the skin for this first week which is fattier, when I had them my first day with the rest of my food I was at about 850 and had no gain the next day. So it would probably be easier to up cals if you have a thigh or some part of the chicken that you really like. Good Luck!!