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Ph3 Day3 R2

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Well.....I transitioned into Ph3 as soon as I could. I hit VLCD22 and knew it was time. I ate regular food while taking drops for the last 2 weeks while I was taking my antibiotics. I didn't gain, and manged to end my drops at 119lbs. I was happy with that. Funny thing...that's where I ended up with Round1. My body liked 117.5, but then adjusted to 119lbs. I am working really hard this week to detox off of sugar, and to stick to Ph3 protocol. I've been having bacon, americano w/half n half, nuts, some healthy bread w/peanubutter, cheese, meat, fruit. I need to focus on water and veggies though. I'm hoping to see 116lbs here soon. I know what to do. And this time around, I will not return to the drops to lose weight. I will use the gym, and exercise discipline with food. I know I can do it, and I know physical exersion is what I have been missing. I even got a new pair of Saucony purple sneakers for Zumba when I can get back in there in 2 weeks.

I will weigh-in each morning once my period is gone. How are YOU??? What is new?

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  1. losn30's Avatar
    I am sure that if you hit the gym and really focused on your body and toning targeted areas you may not want/need to lose additional lbs....It could just be how you see yourself in the mirror and we all know after a round or two on this HCG diet, toning is a must afterward....!! Good luck, keep us updated :-)