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Round3 Load Day:1

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Ghastly weight in:
138lbs. I've let myself eat 'whatever' knowing I was doing another round. I was 132 earlier this week.

Goal:stay focused, prepare food, continue walking at gym regularly, focus on how i feel, trust my body to do it's thing and follow procotol.

Unfortunately one friend is already two weeks in, and doesn't talk much about it. My second friend found out her pharmacy has stopped selling HCG due to the FDA. So....I'm on my own again! My husband is in it for a mini round. His goal is 20lbs. Last time he did 16lbs in 28 days.

I want to do a shorter round.....maybe 30-40 days. And be VERY diligent with Phase3. That is where the magic happened in Round1. i also want to make sure I continue to spend time at the gym with my kids/husband so that I am in the habit. That way in Phase4, I can up my intensity and get muscle again.During Phase2 I plan to walk the track, sauna, maybe swim around the kids after i lose my first 10lbs....lol. THEN...I pan on joining Weight Watchers in Phase4. I think that a good realistic approach to managing balance, with support and accountability will be great.

A very sweet friend of mine looked into HCG but decided to stick with Weight Watchers, and hopes to lose 20-30lbs in 3 months. So if I do HCG for a month....and then do 3-4 week of phase4....we will still be going to weight watchers together. I don't know much about WW, but I hear good things......I really just have to make sure it doesn't trigger my OCD with tracking! I have felt so free from that these last 2 years.

if you are loading, or are close by and want a buddy....send me a PM!!!


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  1. captncrunch's Avatar
    Hey ME welcome back! I'm also back for one last round to get to goal, today is VLCD4. I'm considering cycling again, though because I don't even want to do the 21 days. My mom and I also plan to join WW once we stabilize. I did it when I was 15 and again at 19 and lost weight both times...just never enough to make a difference and it hard one you stop going in to weigh. But I think it would be great to help stay on track. Keep me posted!
  2. shadowcat410's Avatar
    Hey! I'm on VLCD1. ugh... i just keep telling myself the first few days are the hardest... you've done this 2 rounds before, you can do it again! argh. I am also thinking of doing cycling. and even still 21 days seems like the longest time. I just want my coffee w/ cream dang it. REAL cream with fat. sigh....
  3. MeOnHCG's Avatar
    LOL. I think each round we learn something new and valuable and over time we ARE truly changing. It's been a whole year since I started HCG, and I've kept 14lbs off the whole year......this year I would really like to focus on the 'keeping it off' part in Phase4.