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Round3 VLCD1

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Will weighin tomorrow.....Find that tracking the loading weight is NOT very encouraging!

I find that the success of each round has to do with where we are at mentally. If we are prepared, motivated, at a good place in our social life/personal and emotional life.

My twin's husband fell very ill right after halloween. He has been in a vegitative state until 2 days ago. We have not known whether he would live or die, but we are beginning to see that he is truly fighting for his life, and coming back to a repsonsive state.

I realize that when he got sick, all my hard work on keeping the weight off went out the window because I knowingly chose to deal with the emotional pain with eating. I knew what I was doing and told myself "I will deal with the weigh-gain later"......It has been so hard, I cry often at night, praying to the Lord ot take my brother home or return him to us 100%. The fear is that he will be mentally handicapped and unable to walk or talk again. HOWEVER, my hope is in the Lord, and I do believe that Derek is returning to as with his personality in place, and I am praising GOd each day! The road to his recovery is said to be long (5-6 years) but we believe in a bigger God. MY heart has been sick, breaking for my twin sister each day. BUt she has been feeling so encouraged lately.

Anyhoo.....I AM mentally and emotionally ready to get this Phase2 going. I'm looking forward to the 21 days, or maybe 40 if I need a few more lbs off. My husband was loading so much that he has been in a bad mood! I have been so busy while loading that I kept forgetting to eat despite not being hungry. I did pretty well though....tortillas chips are one of the most high calorie/processed foods! Did you know that? It used to be a favorite.

I have one question: Does anyone know if Zipfizz from Costco is okay on Phase2? It has 10 CALORIES of powder you add to water it's full of vitamins and has no sugars but does have: Kona-Red Coffe fruit?

Alrighty, hope everyone is doing great! I will try and find some time to comment on blogs...somewhere in between my 4 jobs, kids w/snow days, and my sis.


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  1. Calythia's Avatar
    I admire your strength in taking care of you and getting back on plan, even when your family is in so much pain. I hope and pray that the change in your brother-in-law's state will lead him to a full recovery. Wow.. I cannot even imagine what you and your family are going through.

    As far as Zipfizz goes, it would certainly be off protocol. It has Sucralose in it and Splenda is not on protocol. That being said.. if you have one/two per day, I don't think that it will hurt you. You are early in your round and will have time to correct if it stalls or causes you to gain. That's my opinion anyway
  2. PurrrectlyMe's Avatar
    What a challenging time for your family! The protocol may help you focus on what's important...your family. Food can be a distraction. A sibling of mine lost the use of his legs, it is life changing. Pray your sister continues to be strong.