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VLCD12 R2 Ph2

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Weigh-in: 114lbs. Looks like my body does have more fat to release. I've been wondering through this first week and half if I was pushing it. I never felt like I was. I didn't really give my body more then 3 days at a time on the Ph2 strict eating to tell. Until these last 3 days, and VOILA....I'm at 114lbs. Last time I remember seeing that number on the scale I was a Jr in high school.

I'm thinking my goal of 4 more lbs is attainable. I have until next Friday. And I think I will probably lose into the first few days of Ph3 like before. So....I am happy with my progress. Still feeling a bit under the weather....Can't wait to eat in order to up my energy a bit. I woke up feeling really weak! That is the TRUE sign of the fat melting off. Not hungry at all though. Especially if i have an iced Americano w/cream....I did that yesterday and realized I had only eaten 385 calories....woa. that's not a good thing in my book.

I'm trying Rockfish tonight. I can have 6oz for only 160 calories. Since my sinus' are so bad I won't really be able to tell if it tastes great or not, lol. But that means I can also have an apple for a snack through the day, which gives me energy. YAY.

Glad to hear all of you are doing well, and finding your balance. It's truly about balance! It's so nice for me not to have to worship the gym to get results. Now I'm really looking forward to toning, and just enjoying the environment at the gym that I used to love.

My job started yesterday and today I'm back with Ohma (Gramma in German). Still nervous a bit, as we get to know eachother it should be easier. But sometimes I don't know if I"m supposed to baby her, or just supervise quietly...it's ackward for now.

Have a great day!

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