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VLCD14 R2 Ph2

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Weighin: didn't. AGAIN. You know what that means.....I've found it really hard to stick to the strict protocol. Not sure if it's because I'm not feeling well, or I'm content with my weight...but I only have one more week left before the short round is complete. I will probably start taking antibiotics this weekend, feel better on Monday and go at least another week, if not the 40 days. I think my average on days I haven't been under 500, have been closer to 1000. And not good calories either-mini loading days. They seem to keep my energized long enough to have a small loss, then I eat again. Wondering what it will take to break the cycle? Maybe at this point I should consider 110lbs as my main goal, not 115lbs. Because I think seeing 115lbs every morning gives me this sense of "today goes how it goes"...instead of "today I am staying on protocol no matter what". That's how my last round went...no matter what I was on protocol.

I tried out the RockFish.....it was pretty good. For 6oz and only 160 calories can't go wrong. Accept for the fact that hunger has not been an issue. Today I'm having:
-4oz ground turkey
-2 c romaine

-ground turkey
-onion soup

My goal is to skip coffee/cream drinks for now. Even though the energy was great I think I can hold off for a couple more weeks. I will probably still have my white chai still.

What are you having these days?


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  1. Texasyaya's Avatar
    Accepting where you are may be a good option. It might be a reasonable weight for you to maintain. You might slowly lose some more after you enter P4.
  2. MeOnHCG's Avatar
    that's encouraging to hear. For now I'm on antibiotics, and I think once I feel better, I can cut back and really give the HCG a run for it's money. I can go another 3 weeks if need-be.