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VLCD20 R2 Ph2 Need encouragement!

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Weigh-In: skipped it again. Not enjoying seeing my self in the mirror lately. That's a new feeling after having such good results with Round1. My size 2's are still fitting fine, just looking bloated I guess with period on the way. I really do think a lot of my struggles this round are mental. Not sure what to change, accept my attitude. I've had so much to do lately preparing food is last on my priority list.

Today is the first day I've managed to stick 100% to protocol. We will see what the weigh in is like. I think I'm avoiding the 'fog' that comes over me when I'm in ketosis-which is where I want to be, burning fat! Just send me some extra encouragement! I sure do need it.


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  1. Perseverance's Avatar
    I am sorry I am having trouble understanding why you are doing another round if you are a size 2. Can you help me understand?
  2. MeOnHCG's Avatar
    You might understand if you read all my blogs! But i get your point. :