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Homeopathic HCG Lounge - August 2011

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I found this recipe (little bit rogue) on the forum. It is really yummy - and filling. I cannot eat the whole thing in one sitting.

Egg Drop Soup - all phases

Lots of protein, but worked well my first round. Ate almost every night- my go to meal. Filling, delicious, and enticing enough for my daughter to beg for bites she's 13 and you know how 13 year old palates can be picky!

Works out to about 150 calories! You can skinny this down (water down the broth) if you had beef that day. Excellent dinner meal for a higher cal day (apples and beef for instance)!

2 cups chicken broth (you can bulk up with water, use less broth or try with just 2 cups-more flavor)
.5 or 1 cup egg whites. (I find the organic ones make "ribbons" the best, or crack your own. But even if they "scramble" in the broth it is still yummy)
Garlic powder or granulated
Onion powder or fresh green onion (2) fresh if you don't mind a tad of veggie mixing
Fresh spinach
Chili paste if you wish-adds to the flavor (true paste, not Sri racha - that has sugar) or chili flake
Braggs aminos

Bring broth to boil.

Pour eggs into an easy pour container. Grab a chopstick or fork. Slowly stir the broth, stop stirring, and while broth spins pour a table spoon of egg in. Wait 5 seconds and slowly give a full slow stir around the pot. The 5 second pause allows for the egg to cook, the small stir allows it to spread into a flowy ribbon. Repeat the stir pour wait slow stir with all your egg.

Add garlic, salt/pepper and a drizzle of braggs. Taste. Should be light and chickeny, a touch of salty. Add chili paste if using, to taste.
Eggs cook better if spices are added after. And you can see the egg form easier.

In a bowl place the spinach and green onion. Pour soup over and enjoy.

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  1. MAGSQOTI's Avatar
    Thanks! Can't wait to try it.