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Got it now.....

So that's how this works

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I just have to comment on how things are going for me now. Round 2 was such a crock compared to this round. I did the pellets hoping to save a buck and what a bad deal. I was hungry and miserable compared to the way I feel today. Not to mention a bad candida bout made me carb crazy!!!

So today, I'm my lowest weight since HCG!! No hunger, no cravings, feeling awesome!!!!! I can't stress enough how important dosing is....now, just to stick it out for 16 more shots...trying to have the longest Rx round ever? Maybe. When you're so close, you can just smell it!

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  1. kwanzaa4u1967's Avatar
    WOW!! I feel your energy!! I want to start the HCG Diet too. I joined the forum for more insight. How did you get the HCG to inject??? Please share how you follow the DIET. I am getting a little clarity on it, but am still a little unsure.....
  2. mundanearm's Avatar
    I sense your energy!! I'm interested in beginning the HCG Diet as well. I wanted to get more understanding, so I joined the forum. [size=1][url=https://geometrydash-unblocked.com][color=#FFFFFF]geometry dash unblocked[/color][/url][/size]