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So close to the 150's

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I am hoping to hit the 150's by this weekend. I'm just a couple of pounds from hitting it. I have these mental mini goals. That alone will give me even more determination to keep on going.

I am really hoping that my order comes in soon so I can make this a long round. If I could lose the 34lbs it would make my next round a shorter round ...possibly. It really depends on whether my body will cooperate or not.

I made a mock apple pie tonight. I better not do this to often or I will start craving sweets again. It was delicious to. Just peel and core an apple, cut up in chunks sprinkle some cinnamon on it and stir, microwave on high for about 1-1/2 minutes. I think you could leave it at that and it would be good but after it was cooked I put a few drops of vanilla creme stevia on it and it was absolutely amazing. mmmm

I actually feel like I am eating better than ever on this diet. I get good steaks and good cod...btw the cod was delicious but I would recommend doing it on the grill in one of those baskets. My house still smells like fish. The fam isn't liking that.

We are traveling to visit our older girls in Minnesota this weekend. We were going to visit last weekend but I just wasn't feeling comfortable with this yet but I am feeling very good and confident that I will be good.

I haven't drank enough water today so I am not going to bed until I drink up 40 oz. I know I will be up running to the bathroom all night. My ketones are up to the high level and I am wondering if it's because I didn't drink enough water or if that even matters. I would rather not harm my body so I better drink up.

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  1. mewhoshops's Avatar
    I went to bed late again last night. (after midnight). Got up before 7, hopped on the scale and I was up from yesterday...about a half pound. So I remembered reading about how important sleep is so I decided to test this and went back to bed. Woke back up at 8:45 and not only was I down the weight that I was up before 7 this morning but I was down over another half pound!
    Now I know how important getting a good nights sleep is so I will be working on going to be earlier. I can't sleep in til almost 9 everyday!

    I'm only one pound from the 150's! I think I will make it to that mini goal by this weekend and I am so stoked!

    With these types of losses and feeling so energized and nearly pain free why would anyone want to cheat. Why? It's just not worth it.
  2. mraven99's Avatar
    You can do it!!! Take nice long walks and definitely sleep. Think 150 and it will happen
  3. mewhoshops's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by mraven99
    You can do it!!! Take nice long walks and definitely sleep. Think 150 and it will happen
    Thank you mraven! I still have not made the 150's but I am only 2 oz from hitting it. I am going on a walk today!
  4. mewhoshops's Avatar
    So we went to Minnesota and Wisconsin visiting family this weekend. It was a short visit but very much needed. I was so determined to stay on protocol and did perfectly while up there so I was expecting to be down a couple of pounds when I got back since the last time I weighed myself was very early Friday morning and I was down to 160 or 160.3 (I can't remember).
    So I hopped on the scale this morning and I am only down to 160.1
    I'm not going to let this get me to down but I am frustrated. I was perfect with food but I was worried that I was not drinking enough water because we were so busy. The important thing is that I am not up. I didn't sleep well all weekend plus getting up a couple of hours earlier than usual for me so that may be part of it too. I think now that I am back home it should start moving. I've been eating a lot of beef lately too so I think today I will make chicken.
  5. mewhoshops's Avatar
    I went on a 2.5 mile walk today. I have done this walk before I lost this weight and I have to say that I felt lighter and it wasn't as hard to do. It is a hilly walk so I used to have to stop and sit for awhile just to catch my breath but not today! My body definitely feels lighter. The extra energy is amazing!

    It's going to rain soon so grilled my dinner ahead of time to beat the rain. Chicken wraps for dinner sounds really good.
  6. mewhoshops's Avatar
    I finally hit 150's this morning! Woo hoo!!!
    It's just a small milestone but I will take it. I love this program because we can literally see and feel the results almost immediately.
    I've noticed that I'm slightly hungry tonight, if it persists I will need to adjust my dose.

    I burned the top of my hand last week and it's not healing as well as it should so I've been applying neosporin , which does have an oiliness to it so we will see if it affects my loss. I need to use it regardless, can't have it getting infected.

    I'm really happy with myself because I've stuck to protocol for 23 days so far, only 17 days left til my last injection. I was really hoping for a minimum of 25 pound loss but I seem to be slowing down in my losses. I guess I will know more at the end of this week. Maybe I will experience a whoosh or two before Sunday.
  7. mewhoshops's Avatar
    I think today is day 26 and I'm only down .4 of the over pound gain yesterday. I don't think I'm eating enough vegetables. I've also noticed I'm more hungry the past couple of days so I'm going to mix my new vial of hcg and see how that goes.

    I'm back up to 160 so my exciting venture into the 150's was short lived. Boooo!