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my first correction day

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Today was my first correction day after eating an egg and munching on cashews yesterday. I almost forgot about that egg for breakfast so I will eliminate both for a few days and try the eggs again. I'm not sure which one I would prefer it to be.

I got careless yesterday by eating two common problem foods so now it's back to writing everything down.

I can feel the bloating and my clothes felt tighter today. Ugh.
As much as I am liking my selection of food to eat in p3, I can't wait to start another round. July 6th will be R2 so not too far off.

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  1. mewhoshops's Avatar
    Down 1.3lbs from my steak day so I may not be down 2# but I'm back in the date zone. Today turned out to be a fairly good day. We went to the farmers market with friends today so I was surrounded by a lot of you foods but it was OK. We went out to eat and I ordered a bacon burger no bun and a side of fruit because all of their dressings had dairy and sugar. I did eat blue cheese on my burger but not much so we will see if I react to that. It's probably going to bite me in the butt.