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July 6th, 2015 Round 2 Loading

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Today my hubby and I started this journey together. I am so proud of him for deciding this on his own. He needs to lose 50-60 lbs and I am sure that a lot of his own health issues will improve. He has had several surgeries and now has a huge hernia. The doctors don't think another surgery will fix the issue so losing weight is about the only option. I am hoping that he will stick with it, power through the rough days in the beginning.

I wasn't going to eat crap on my load days because I hate how I feel when I do but I wanted to really pack in the fats so just for today I ate a couple of donuts...they were not good so that was a disappointing cheat. I am hoping that this load will be my ticket to greater losses this time.
I went shopping and bought us brats, hamburgers, bacon, eggs, hotdogs, chicken breast with the skin, heavy whipping cream for my coffee, cheese. I will make potatoes on the grill drizzled with olive oil, butter and seasonings, and probably mix yukon gold with sweet potatoes. I am seriously considering a big mac meal for lunch. I'm going to be eating until midnight because I was up really late and slept in late.

As I was walking through the store I realized that my desire for all of the junk that I used to indulge on is dead, nada, done. It was painful to eat those 2 donuts and now I feel like crap. This was really my first true sugar and grains day since starting hcg in April.

I am so happy to be back on hcg and look forward to "feeling great" again.

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  1. AbsAgain's Avatar
    Good for your husband. A friend of my doctor's, also a doctor, lost almost 100 lbs. on HCG when nothing else worked. And he's kept it off for over five years, give or take 5-10 lbs. It's nice that you both can do the round together. I hope you find hobbies and activities to fill all the time you're going to have not thinking about food or preparing time-consuming food or snacking.

    My health problems that disappeared with the weight thanks to HCG were:
    -arthritis in my big toes
    -arthritic hips (especially getting out of the car and waking in the middle of the night)
    -skin breakouts
    -thighs stopped rubbing
    -athlete's foot
    -blood sugar swings and cravings
    -calmer nerves (adrenal stress gone)
    All these things are GONE, thanks to dropping 30 lbs. my first round. I was more than 40 lbs. overweight.

    More power to you both! Encourage him to take his measurements to compare week to week. It makes what you see in the mirror more real.
  2. River57's Avatar
    Good luck on your next round and how nice to have company for the journey! Wishing you and your husband lots of luck!
  3. mewhoshops's Avatar
    Hi Absagain ! Thanks for sharing your health problems that cleared up. That is so encouraging to me since I too have arthritis, and I am sure adrenal stress (who doesn't these days right?)
    When I loaded I did allow myself SOME sugar though I didn't enjoy it. I did notice my pain flaring up after eating it too. I ate brats on the bun so definitely had the bloating issue to boot.
    I agree with the measuring too, that really helped me on my last round because my losses were slow and I had some long stalls yet my measurements were changing.
    The hubby had a rough day yesterday. His day started at 8 and lasted until after midnight and he did not take enough food with him so he ordered a burger...I cringed when he started to tell me that because I imagined he ate it on the bun but he ordered it without the bun and was down almost another 2 lbs. His losses have been amazing so I think that is keeping him focused.

    River57 - Are you starting another round too? How far in are you? How did you do with your last round? It's good to hear from you again!
  4. mewhoshops's Avatar
    I didn't sleep well last night so was up a pound this morning. Tonight I'm taking something to help me sleep so I'm hoping for a good loss tomorrow.
  5. mewhoshops's Avatar
    Im down a pound this morning which puts me .7 from hitting those 140's. I'm so excited!!!
    My son's wedding is next weekend so would love to be in the mid 140's by then. I bought 2 new skirts yesterday and they are a little snug... Gives me incentive to keep on trucking.
    My husband is down 14 in 10 days and I'm down 10 or 6 if you don't count those load days, I have decided that I like the sound of the bigger number lol.

    This round I feel like I've found the correct dose pretty quickly so my results are much better and I'm not dealing with hunger.
  6. mewhoshops's Avatar
    Well I was up .3 this morning and I have no idea why other than maybe because my dose was a smidge to low yesterday and again today. I am hungry again. I wonder if its to late to inject a smidge more....eh it's probably too late but I would be interested in knowing anyway.

    I can really see a difference in my midsection so that is cool. I bought a couple of new skirts this week and they are a little to tight so am hoping that they will fit me better by next weekend for my sons wedding. The skirts are still a size 12 which is what I should be moving out of but I know that brands run differently, the capris I bought fit me nicely and they are a 10 (yeah!). Now I have a new goal of size 8...I never thought I would see that number again but it is truly in sight!

    My husband is doing really well and is down 14 plus pounds. We will know more tomorrow morning because he can't weigh himself until he gets home. I am down 10 pounds and am very happy with that. I haven't made it to the 140's yet but the door is a knocking...literally one pound away from it! I am hoping that tomorrow will be that day.
  7. mewhoshops's Avatar
    Heading to bed soon. I'm exhausted getting the house ready for our guests. Our son is getting married this weekend so a lot to do. Aside from that my weight is moving slower. My husband is down 20lbs but it's slowing down now. I can really see that he is losing. he was able to get on a pair of pants that he couldn't button a couple of weeks ago plus he moved the belt notch.
    I'm down from a tight size 14 to almost a 10. .. Almost means that some 10s fit and others don't. I bought a couple of size 12 skirts but they are tighter than my other 12s so I think they should be 10s... Can't wait for them to fit better. I was hoping one would fit for the wedding this weekend but Im not sure 3 days will make it happen.
    My weight is now running between 148-149. I'm so happy to be in this new set of numbers. I've also lost an additional 2-1\2 inches all over.
  8. mewhoshops's Avatar
    Just a quick note since I have a few minutes. Yesterday I was down to 147.7 and this morning I was up .2. The past week I've been up and down like this so not sure what is going on.
  9. mewhoshops's Avatar
    I am so excited to be down 1.1lbs this morning. The past week I have been down .4 then up .2 back and forth all week. Now that things have settled down here I am able to concentrate on my fluid intake so am sure that was a big part of the low losses. It is day 20 and only down 12 lbs and 4 of that was gained from loading days so technically down 8lbs in 20 days. Not very impressive losses but I will take it. I can tell the inches are coming off so that is important to look at too. I'm in a size 10 now and my kids think I should get out of the size large tops and try medium so I may go shopping today and see if the mediums fit....if not I may buy a medium anyway for my goal. Boy I haven't been in a medium for probably 15 years! I would love to get into a size 6 eventually and I think I can but I will definitely need another round or two based on my slow losses. I'm ok with doing that but am concerned that I will be able to do it because my dose is already down to 90iu. 90iu seems to be my perfect dose with little to no hunger.

    One thing that I have noticed on this round is that I am craving sweets for some reason. I don't know why that is. We have our one daughter and her 2 kids staying with us for the month of July so maybe it's watching them eat whatever they want and wishing I could have a bite lol. My daughter has been traveling between the two states for legal stuff so I have had the kids more than she has so I am cooking and preparing their meals. I guess I just never gave it much thought until now that even though my hubby is doing this with me I still have someone here to distract my diet. Even so, we are both doing really well. Our goal is to stay on until August 7th but would love to do a longer round so we will see how things go.
  10. mewhoshops's Avatar
    My last week has been a roller coaster ride both physically and emotionally. Not much for losses in the end. I walked almost 6 miles today... Over did it but it felt good to do. I'm hoping to do at least half that everyday from now on. I need to build muscle.

    I hope to be down tomorrow morning.
  11. mewhoshops's Avatar
    Well the past 3 days I have been up. Today another .6 up. This is ridiculous but I am determined to figure it out. No more stevia, black cherry herbal tea, need to switch out my protein more, been eating only chicken and beef...mostly beef, so will add in some fish.
    Tomorrow is day 30 and the hubby is going into p3 after his 72 hours off of hcg but I'm feeling determined to plug on. I would like to end this round at 135 at the very least. I'm not sure that will happen the way things are going but if I could do that I think then I could lose the remaining 10 pounds on my own without doing another round. I'm actually liking my weight right now when I am dressed but when I see my body otherwise I see the need to lose more...and tone things up.

    The other day I started walking again. I got over ambitious and walked almost 6 miles and the next 2 days could hardly walk because it caused my arthritis to flare up so I need to keep it real and just do the one walk a day until my body adjusts to it. I love walking and the weather has been beautiful this week. I know that won't last so was taking advantage of the cooler dryer weather.

    I am feeling hungry this morning, maybe my dose isn't right again? It is really hard to see the lines on the syringe so I'm not sure I am hitting the 90iu mark accurately everyday. I am determined to watch every ounce of food I put in my mouth for the next few days. If I start losing again then I will know one of 2 things....either one of the foods that I have been eating isn't agreeing with me (possibly stevia), or beef isn't agreeing with me.
    It really bugs me that my husband can just eyeball his meat and still lose almost a pound a day and if I don't measure mine precise I may gain or stall.

    My arms are still itchy and broke out in hives, starting to see some on my chest now too. I have been drinking a lot of tea with stevia...more than usual so maybe this isn't stress related but an allergy toward stevia? It seems to me that in my last round stevia wasn't agreeing with me (gains/stalls). I didn't use it like I have been lately so I'm going to lay off of it for a few days and see if anything changes (weight and skin issues). I react well with xylitol so maybe I will switch to that but use it limited.

    It's funny how you work things out as you blog about your possible triggers. Hoping to make it another 17 days or so. Hoping to lose another 10 pounds between now and then.
  12. mewhoshops's Avatar
    My hunger went away after eating an apple (I know, it's a fruit) and didn't come back until 5:30 tonight so I waited and just ate dinner tonight. One meal. I did have some mct coffee but probably only drank a half of a mug in all. I know that it isn't protocol but thought it could help kick start weight loss.
    I did some research about this rash and I think it may be candida die off. Grammy thinks food sensitivity but I've been eating the same foods that I ate on my last round plus for the past 29 days with no issues. I will try eliminating foods one at a time to see if it gets better. I haven't had any fish this round and was eating strawberries up until a few days ago and the rash is actually worse today so I'm really not sure it is food allergies. The candida die off makes more sense because I never added grains back into my diet since the first round and no sugar and minimal dairy (mostly hard cheese and hwt)

    I'm not expecting a loss tomorrow just hoping the rash is better. It has now spread to my upper chest area and from my wrists to almost my shoulders. My legs and face are starting to itch now too.
  13. mewhoshops's Avatar
    After my cheat of the mct coffee I was actually down 1.5 this morning! I'm not drinking it again but will try it again if I enter another stall just to check it out.
    I'm trying to switch up my meals too. Been in a rut lately just grilling burgers, chicken burgers, and chicken breasts with a vegetable.

    Tonight I made homemade spaghetti sauce and had that over my keep noodles. This may cause a gain or a stall so I'm not happy with my decision to make it but it was such a nice change.
    Rather than my usual apple I skipped that and had some raspberries tonight.

    My arms still itch and bumpy but knowing that I'm not the only one that has experienced it makes me feel better. Just plugging through it.

    I've also decided to continue on to at least day 40 even though the hubby had his last injection today. He has lost almost the same as I have in two rounds! I'm happy for him and he is looking and feeling good. I'm really proud of him because he just did it to support me but now is a believer.

    I'm hoping the spaghetti sauce doesn't stall me. Maybe I should drink a lot more water.
  14. mewhoshops's Avatar
    I was really worried that I would be up this morning or at the very least the same but not true... Down .9 this morning. I'm convinced that the mct oil in my coffee the other day broke the stall. I wish I could remember who suggested coconut oil to give my thanks!
  15. mewhoshops's Avatar
    I love it when I weigh myself in the early evening and I weigh exactly the same that I did in the morning. It usually means another loss the next morning. Oh I hope I'm right!!!
  16. mewhoshops's Avatar
    nope, was not down but up. That .9 that I was down yesterday is back on. I blame the DH because he convinced me that green beans should be ok. I should have researched that first. Wow, sometimes I have no sense.
    Well enough of that, it is what it is and time to move on and make the necessary adjustments today.

    So this morning the rash was itching uncontrollably so I took an Epsom salt bath and then went to my friends house for an ionic foot bath. My arms have hardly felt itchy since then so will have to do this again tomorrow and see if I can get this pushed out of me. I upped my probiotics and took some cascara sagrada to help in the "eh hem" constipation department. I know that just going will also help push the candida die off out. I don't like taking the cascara sagrada because it causes cramping and then suddenly I am running to the bathroom and sometimes I have been known not to make it...(yikes). Today it doesn't seem to be doing anything...I am looking at that as being a good thing though because though I was never diagnosed with IBS I did seem to be heading that way and anything like this supplement would make things worse...including certain foods.

    Another day and hopefully another pound...two would be better though. I'm tired of this up and down stuff.
  17. mewhoshops's Avatar
    Yesterday I was down to 143.1 and today up to 143.3. I did 2 Epsom salt baths and a foot bath so that may have helped. I was happy that I was only up a little today though I would have preferred a loss.

    Saw my doc today and he immediately said this rash is fatty acid deficiency and wants me to take 4 flax seed oil capsules 4 times a day to build it back up. He said this could be serious so that has me scared. I am waiting to see if grammy can tell me if she has heard of this before and if she would recommend I stop this round now. I was going to go through Aug 19th so not much longer but was hoping to get into the 130's before ending this round. I am so close! I'm happy with my losses though. The next few months I will be working on my exercising to tighten things up a bit.
  18. mewhoshops's Avatar
    I keep going back and forth about ending this round or continuing on. First it was because of this rash but that is getting better. Now it's the lightheadedness which might just be low blood sugar so could probably could fix that with some fruit. I haven't had any fruit the past few days. But now I'm experiencing cramping and mucousy stool...I know TMI!
    The thing is that there was a little blood too. I've never, ever, had this happen before and I don't have roids.
    I'm getting scared now with all of these things happening all of a sudden. So I'm calling it. Today...er yesterday will be my last injection day and my weight was 143.3 so I'm good with that.
    I'm going to continue my probiotics, get on some flaxseed oil through my 72 hours and then work on increasing my healthy oils. I need to research more about fatty acid deficiency and get that corrected asap.
    In the mean time I will ramp up my workouts once in in p3.
  19. mewhoshops's Avatar
    Well I have had a few issues popping up that have scared me enough to end this round. So yesterday was my official last injections and my LIW is 143.3

    I will try another round mid October or early November.