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Yesterday was a rough day. My gallbladder was acting up again. I think the higher fats and lack of bowel movements are causing the issues so I'm going to increase my raw vegetables and add in some flax meal for added fiber. Hopefully that will prevent another attack.

I'm feel much better this morning and surprisingly sleep well last night.

The wine and oopsy latte did not affect my weight, in fact I'm back down to my LIW this morning. My bowels are just moving this morning so I know it's not from that.
I feel like my stabilizing is going so much another than P2 did. I know that it's early but I was really expecting my weight to be bouncing all over the place.

Today I'm going to try coleslaw with apples and bacon. I saw a p3 recipe for it on Pinterest . I'm tired of burgers so will make chicken fajitas for dinner. The family will like that.
I also bought cauliflower to make garlic mashed cauliflower one of these days. Yum.

Yesterday I made my MCT coffee and forgot to add the Knox gelatin so that's why it didn't froth up like normal. The thing is that I like it that way too. 😀

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  1. mewhoshops's Avatar
    P3d6 still holding at 155.4 so that makes me happy. I didn't eat highly fat foods yesterday because of the gallbladder issues. I ate a lot of raw vegetables and made chicken fajitas and ate out of a bowl. I found Mrs. Dash fiesta lime seasoning so used that to season everything. It was very good.

    My gallbladder has settled down thank goodness.