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Starting round 3 tomorrow!

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I've decided to try hcg 2.0 for this round. I read the book and it seems to make sense. No fruit or Melba, grissini (to many carbs).
He has a formula for women and one for men to determine your BMR. That number is the calories in lean protein to eat per day. Mine is 542 and the hubs is 730
He allows mct oil 2-3T per day and a few other vegetables and you can mix. You are not allowed to eat more than 30g of carbs from your vegetables. This helps to get into ketosis and start in ketosis.
My last round I ate both fruits everyday but not the Melba and I had dismal losses and a lot of frustrations. My first round I didn't always eat my fruit and lost 20lbs so I'm thinking that no fruit will help.

My hubby is joining me again so this should help me to be more focused. We both want to lose another 20lbs and wouldn't that be great if we did!!!

I'm so excited to get started. I've planned for a high protein/fat no sugar, dairy, wheat load. I'm sensitive to wheat and dairy anyway. Though I may allow some hard cheese. I'm going to make a lasagna style stuffed peppers for dinner and prep some p2 meals ahead of time.

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  1. mewhoshops's Avatar
    Today is R3vlcd1 and I'm trying to be smart about following three hcg 2.0 plan. I may not notice a difference at all other than in allowing more proteins and limiting my vegetable carbs to under 30g .... My goal is to keep them at around 20 but I've never reached vegetables this closely so it will take time to get it figured out. Because of the limited vegetable tracking I literally have to measure and weigh my vegetables and I'm using MFP to help.
    I'm not even close to my proteins today so need to get eating.
    I went shopping and stocked up on lean meats. I'm really hoping this round is a better round for me than my last one.
  2. mewhoshops's Avatar
    R3VLCD2 ...down 1.6
  3. mewhoshops's Avatar
    Only down .4 this morning which I think I'd dismal for week one. My dose was definitely off so maybe that was why the small loss. Today I injected 125iu and I've just had that empty feeling.. No hunger pains so that is good.

    I remember not feeling hungry at all on my first round so I'm going to order the Corion even though I've already got a order of the Ovidac coming. Ovidac works well for my husband but it didn't for me in my last round.