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  1. HCG and Optifast??

    Perhaps a silly question, but is it possible to be on HCG and be on Optifast? Its under 500 Calories a day..but it does have the dairy intake to be more than 1 TBspn a day...or perhaps the Terry Ferguson shakes?
    Just curious as im about to start on saturday..so I figured Id get all my silli questions out..Im sure I'll have more as time comes

    Updated April 27th, 2011 at 08:55 PM by miame

  2. First Timer :D

    Ok so I've got my drops and I'm ready to start..i think..for the last 3 weeks I've pretty much been cutting down my intake of food (while waiting of my package to arrive) trying to educate myself and stuff about the diet and my package came today.
    Now that I have the drops, I'm a little scared.
    Ive been reading up on it for the last month and now that I can start, I'm hesitant
    How do I start my morning? I KNOW how..but yeh, just the nerves.
    Anyhoo...any motivational ...