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Thursday Thoughts

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Hey there ladies!

I am writing this just coming off a CTCD yesterday! It worked well and I am down 2 pounds.... The reason for the CD was that I am leaving for the weekend and I wanted to do a preemptive strike as I am sure my food choices will be the lesser of two evils starting today! I am experimenting that a pre plan/wiggle room strategy will make the difference.

Here are my P4 Stats:

LDW 115.8

D1 115.5
D2 116.5
D3 116.0
D4 116.0 Memorial Day
D5 117.6 Ate clean (proteins/fats)
D6 115.8 back to LIW
D7 115.4
D8 115.4 high sodium, sugar, little water
D9 117.8 ate clean
D10 115.6
D11 115.8
D12 116.8
D13 117.0 did a CTCD
D14 115.0

All in all... Going well but I have let summer drinking/parties get the better of me!

Remember girls.... We are in control of our weight/eating issues thanks to HCG, and even though we may have bumps in the road, we can fix them with good/clean eating and a determination to win our battles!

Hugs to all!

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  1. Bavalay21's Avatar
    Excellent Miche! Passion suggested CTCD for me if I was up again today--I am down but only 0.8 lbs. I will get the fixings for that tonight and give that a whirl tomorrow. Just to see if it gets me to last dose weight. I suspect the high protein and fat clean eating I do today will get me back as well. Enough about me, this is your blog and I want to congratulate you on a the super fine job you are doing maintaining. Enjoy your holiday away. I expect what happens in Vegas will be shared here with us!
  2. maggiep's Avatar
    That's a great reminder, that we are here to win our battles! It's interesting to look at your weight tracker and see that yes, a ignoring something like sodium or real sugar really can affect your weight.
  3. thefoodpassionista's Avatar
    Good planning Miche! rather than playing catch up you are physically and preparing yourself Enjoy your weekend and this is such the perfect weather to go out West. Drink and have fun for me!