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Welcome Weekend!

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Hi girls....

Not much to report today.... P4 week 1 and still holding at 1/2 pound below LDW.... All in all, doing well. I hope the scales are being your friend this last day in May and each of you have a wonderful weekend!

Summer is around the corner and the hard work we've all been through this winter and spring will be revealed as we go on vacays and see our loved ones! Keep your sights on your goals girls.....


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  1. Bavalay21's Avatar
    Hi Miche! It makes my heart happy to hear that you are p4 stable, and below last dose weight. I hope you have sunny weather this weekend to strut your tiny self. Enjoy!
  2. maggiep's Avatar
    Weekend whoot whoot! Congrats on being p4 Stable!
  3. pookster's Avatar
    Hey Miche! Can you believe we made it? After the way we started P3 I wasn't so sure if we would be "cool"...but your looking good and doing your thang! That's all we can ask for right?
    I do not feel like I am on a diet...I just no longer wish to eat the way I did before..so maintaining is just that for me....boring actually...so yeah I dont blog much cause I gots nothing to say! Business as usual.....I won't be happy though until I get some sun on this ghastly white body of mine
  4. Debee's Avatar
    Your posts make me "Happy" .
  5. thefoodpassionista's Avatar
    Thanks Miche! So inspiring