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I am new here and new to the hhcg diet. Today is P1 D3 for me. My goal is to lose 45 pounds. I am doing short rounds until I meet my goal. I am excited to weigh in the morning.
I am hungry now, at almost 5 pm. I had only my lunch of chicken breast and broccoli, and a lot of water. I am surprised to be hungry because yesterday I was so stuffed after eating less than my normal portions. I was eating fatty foods for my load days, but it was hard to get it down yesterday. I had hoped that meant I would not be hungry today. We shall see what tomorrow brings!

Good luck everyone!

p1 d1 = 195 lbs (11/1/11)
p1 d2 = 195.6
p1 d3 = 194.6

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