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"About me"

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Some of us who have been talking frequently discussed having a thread about us so that we get to know each other a little. That is what this post is.
Maybe everyone else can follow.

My given name is Michelle, but I have been called Micki since I was a little girl.
I live in Dayton, OH area.
I am 51 years old, and find it hard to believe that I am that old! Even though I am overweight I don't feel my age.
I have been married to Jerry for 16 years. We have 2 daughters together, Abby is 12 and Emma is 8. (Yes, I was an old mother to my youngest!) This is my 2nd marriage and I also have 2 other children. My firstborn is Justin, and he would be 30 in March. He was killed in Nov. 2007. A huge part of me went with him. You can visit his site if you want. http://justindmiller.blogspot.com/ I won 't go into all of it here. My oldest daughter, Carissa is 26, very soon to be 27. She lives in Nashville. My 3 girls are pretty amazing. Love, love, love.
I have a granddaughter as well, Riley. She is Justin's little girl. She was only 21 months old when he died. She is turning 6 in December, and looks like her daddy! Again....another amazing girl!
I have a lot of family nearby, and a sister out of state. I am one of 5 kids. My mom is nearby. My dad is no longer living. I have a very loving step-dad. My granddaughter and daughter-in-law live an hour and half away.

I have a puggle named Dougan. Love that dog, but he is one stubborn pain in the butt

Last summer my husband and I bought a camper/trailer so now we have a new family hobby! We store it at a campsite on Lake Erie and go up many weekends. I have other family that do the same so we really had a great summer last yr. Can't wait for the season to come back! It is a long season...April (weather permitting) through end of October.

I am a Christian. I plan on becoming more involved with my church as well. I just started going back to church last April and it has been wonderful.

Looking forward the a thin, healthy me soon.


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Updated November 25th, 2011 at 04:35 PM by MickiG



  1. Jarret's Avatar
  2. Newjulie's Avatar
    Hi Micki, I am so glad we met here! It is great to get to know you. I live in NJ and am a born & bred Brooklyn Girl! We had one tree and they wrote a book about it! Hehehe .
    My kids are grown...daughter Dina has 1 son, Zachary, the light of my life; son Paul lives close by. They are wonderful kids.
    I am considering a career change soon. Trying to get everything in order. I currently lease space in local malls and the recession has made this a heartbreaking profession. I used to feel like I was helping people start a business and support their family. Now... Not so much!
    Gotta run... Having blood work done...interested to see the results after 3 wks on hcg! XO
  3. tryn2getfit's Avatar
    Hi Micki. Thank you for sharing your about me. It is nice to know who someone is, other than as a tiny picture and a screen name. I read some of your blog and I am so sorry for what you have been through and hope they catch the person who took your son. What a beautiful family, it broke my heart. It is nice that you have so much family so close by. It really helps to have your family near for support and encouragement, not just for your loss, but for your journey now as well. I hope you have lots of success and reach your thin and healthy goal.
  4. MickiG's Avatar
    Thanks Jarrett, Julie, and tryn2getfi. t
  5. robinjanae's Avatar
    Hello Micki,
    So sorry to hear about your son!
    I love this idea! Well my name is Robin. I am 35 years old. I have been married to my hubby for 13 mostly wonderful years I have 2 beautiful girls and a dog that I love very much. I am from Colorado but move to my hubbyís hometown in Arkansas; it has less than 200 people.
    I married the love of my life 13 years ago. He is the light of my life and I donít know what I would do without him. He is from a small town in Arkansas. My hubby was in the army when I met him. Once he got out of the army we moved back to my home town but the city life just wasnít for him. So we moved to his hometown a little over a year ago.
    I was 18 when I had my oldest daughter Janae; she just turned 17 and is in the 10th grade. Iím glad that I will have an extra year of her being at home before she starts college (who knows she may stay at home for a little longer). She is so much like her mother in so many ways some good and some not so good. She is turning into a beautiful young lady. Since we have moved to Arkansas she has grown into the person she always should have been. I never thought my Janae would deep down be a country girl. Itís nice to see her loving the country way of life. Oh, and the boys just love here down here (I say itís because they are trying to branch out their family tree lol).
    My youngest is sweet sweet Hannah Rose; she is 11 and in the 6th grade. Hannah Rose has the sweetest spirit I have ever seen. She will give you the shirt off her back if you need one. I love that Hannah Rose is the kind of person that makes friends with the kids no one ways to be around or are made fun of. I always knew Hannah Rose belonged in the country and she proved that when we moved here. She is always willing to feed or take care of the animals day or night and she loves to walk in our pastures.
    I went back to college last year and hope to complete my nursing degree. I love my dog Wickett more than life itself. No matter what kind of day I have or what kind of mood Iím in he is always happy to see me. I am learning to live a simple life without the hustle and bustle of the city, although I find it hard at times.
    I have been over weight most of my life. Since April I put on almost 20lbs. I was in a deep depression after having a late term miscarriage. I breaks my heart every time I think about what could have been or should have been but I have to thank God everyday for what I do have.
    Iím looking forward to a happy health new me!

    Wow this is much longer than I thought it would be lol
  6. MickiG's Avatar
    Hi Robin,
    It sounds like you have a beautiful and happy family! Thanks for your post.
    And congrats on going back to college! That is great.
    I am sorry to hear of your late miscarriage. It is heart breaking and don't be hard on yourself for being depressed, you are grieving.
    I have had 3 m/c myself. I was 35 when I had my first one, and 42 the last one. 2 in one year, then I had my youngest daughter and she was perfectly healthy.
    How are things going with the diet for you? Wishing you the best of luck!!
  7. robinjanae's Avatar
    Thanks Micki. I think the hardest part of the m/c is I was past the point that a normal m/c happens. I always wonder if I did something wrong or was there something I could have done to prevent it. I just don't know. All I know is it happened for a reason I just don't know why.
    The diet is going pretty good. Last week was kind of slow but I know that will happen. We eat a lot of chicken. I find that my safe food. I don't really like fish so when I do cook it I find myself eating it as fast as I can.