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Vlcd 16

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Hi friends...
Hmmmm, I already did this once but it dissappeared! I am sure I did something wrong..
I am feeling well, doing ok. Not as hungry past couple days which is nice. Been a very busy week, pretty glad the weekend is here I am feeling smaller! I wish my belly were going faster. But then I am impatient.
Hey buddies,,,, I wondered if we should do a getting to know you post or thread ? Thought that might be nice.
How many days of p2 is everyone doing? I was planning on 23 but have changed my mind to 40. I will eat the turkey and trimmings on Thanksgiving. Then back to the grind.
There are things I could do better on with diet. Such as half and half I have been putting in coffee. Bad girl...but it sure does make a difference for me! I will keep an eye on things and watch that.

Have a great weekend everyone!

R1/ LD1=195.6
R1/ LD2=196
VLCD 1 = 195.4
VLCD 2 = 193
VLCD 3 = 190.8
VLCD 4= 189.8
VLCD 5= 188.4
VLCD 6= 187.4
VLCD 7 =187.4 AGAIN!
VLCD 8= 186.6 (- 9 lbs)
VLCD 9= 186.6 AGAIN!!
VLCD 10= 185.8
VLCD 11=186.2
VLCD 12= 186
VLCD 13= 185.2
VLCD 14= 184.2
VLCD 15 = 184
VLCD 16= Didn't weigh

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Updated November 19th, 2011 at 09:53 AM by MickiG (Wrong lcd day)



  1. robinjanae's Avatar
    Hey Micki,

    Glad youíre not as hungry. I like the idea of get to know you thread it sounds like fun. Iím doing 40 days so I only have 28 days left (if I counted right). Iím sure thereís things that we can all do better but we have to take it one day at a time and sometimes minute by minute.

    I've noticed my tasted buds are changing. I forward to my black coffee and tea but that first week it was hard to sip down and my food seems to taste better even though I havenít changed anything I did the first week.

    Oh, I like your picture much better than a greyed out profile
  2. MickiG's Avatar
    Thanks Robin!

    Where should we do the thread? Or under our own blogs?
    That is great that you enjoy black coffee....I wish I did. I just don't. Food does taste good though ! I thoroughly enjoy my meals. Every morserl

    Happy Weekend!