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Vlcd 17

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Good Morning, all
So it is the weekend. Any plans?
Today I have laundry and housework. Daughter having a friend overnight, we are having dinner and going to see a local production of FAME tonight. Church in morning. Probably go in to work a little bit because we have payroll due early due to Turkey day. That is about it!

I lost almost 2 pds since Thursday's weigh in! Very happy! That is without going for 2 days. Gotta make that happen I am feeling really good actually. Good energy, sleeping good. Not too too hungry.
I have lost 13.4 lbs and 11 inches (from 4 main areas) so far since LCD began 16 days ago. I will take that happily!

R1/ LD1=195.6 (11/1/11)
R1/ LD2=196
VLCD 1 = 195.4
VLCD 2 = 193
VLCD 3 = 190.8
VLCD 4= 189.8
VLCD 5= 188.4
VLCD 6= 187.4
VLCD 7 =187.4 AGAIN!
VLCD 8= 186.6 (- 9 lbs)
VLCD 9= 186.6 AGAIN!!
VLCD 10= 185.8
VLCD 11=186.2
VLCD 12= 186
VLCD 13= 185.2
VLCD 14= 184.2
VLCD 15 = 184
VLCD 16= Didn't weigh
VLCD 17= 182.2

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  1. Newjulie's Avatar
    That's terrific! 13 lbs is fantastic! I admire anyone who can stick on this plan, especially with others in the house. It has to be easier for me since I live alone. Going out to eat is a challenging though and I will be facing that tomorrow!

    I have a date with Hugh Jackman tomorrow --- no really ---- although I had to pay for the seat and um ----- he really doesnt know I am coming! But we'll be in the same room!

    So glad you are feeling good and doing well !
  2. MickiG's Avatar
    What are you seeing Hugh do exactly? I would pay to see him do just about anything! He is my fantasy man. Drooooooling

    Congrats on your huge success! I am jealous.
  3. redefiningme's Avatar
    Hahahah Who is Hugh Jackman???? Seriously, I don't own a TV.

    Congrats, MickiG!! Isn't it true that getting on the scale is rewarding on Protocol?
  4. Newjulie's Avatar
    Wow, if don't know Hugh...goggle him. You are in for a treat!

    He is my dream man too!
    There are a couple of scenes in Australia that just took my breath away!
    I am about out the door to head into the city. He is doing a review on Broadway of his favorite songs and dance routines. I don't care what he is doing, really! The last time i saw him on stage, he was with Daniel Craig (007) who is no slouch. Hugh made him look like a high school boy!

    Gotta go! Will report back! XO