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Vlcd 24

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Hi everyone,
Today has been a good day. Off work....always good. I have been mostly doing things around the house. Bagged up 4 kitchen size trash bags of shoes and clothes from our closet and then put it back together. Hey, there is a floor in there! I had forgotten!
Laundry. Just ran an errand or two. I am eating dinner now. Tilapia and sliced cukes with salt and pepper. I like to be on here when I eat. I slow down and it lasts longer I am really loving all the fish lately, I was not one to make it often before but it's so good.

I was down almost a lb today of the T Day cheat gain. I have had a great day food wise so far. I am only at 290 cals after dinner!
I will have an apple later, maybe baked with cinnamon

For lunch I had FF beef broth heated up to make soup. I add 1 egg and 1 egg white to the boiling broth, then throw in cup of raw spinach. It is really good and only about 105 cals. It feels good to have that warmth, I have been eating that or chicken broth with ground chicken in it and spinach. I have also put broc in the beef instead of spinach. No fruit today as of yet.

How are you all doing? Hope that you are having a wonderful weekend!

R1/ LD1=195.6
R1/ LD2=196
VLCD 1 = 195.4
VLCD 2 = 193
VLCD 3 = 190.8
VLCD 4= 189.8
VLCD 5= 188.4
VLCD 6= 187.4
VLCD 7 =187.4 AGAIN!
VLCD 8= 186.6 (- 9 lbs)
VLCD 9= 186.6 AGAIN!!
VLCD 10= 185.8
VLCD 11=186.2
VLCD 12= 186
VLCD 13= 185.2
VLCD 14= 184.2
VLCD 15 = 184
VLCD 16= Didn't weigh
VLCD 17= 182.2
VLCD 18= 183.2 (deserved this after Fri night)
VLCD 19= 182.8
VLCD 20= 181.8
VLCD 21= 181.6
VLCD 22= 182
VLCD23 = 185.4
VLCD24= 184.6

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Updated November 26th, 2011 at 05:37 PM by MickiG