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Vlcd 25

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Hope that my friends have had a good weekend, so far. It's 9:20 am here, raining. I am getting ready to get in the shower and go to church. Then it will be out to lunch with my family and couple of friends after. I will behave!
I worked on a cleaning project yesterday so I will come home and finish that, I suppose. My house needs plenty of work!

I was down another 1.4 lbs today so my T Day gain is about gone. Now...I feel better. On to the ten (more maybe??) I want gone.
Today, I will do one of my exercise tapes I think. I have Turbo Jam....it kicks butt. That might be too ambitious

Take care!

R1/ LD1=195.6
R1/ LD2=196
VLCD 1 = 195.4
VLCD 2 = 193
VLCD 3 = 190.8
VLCD 4= 189.8
VLCD 5= 188.4
VLCD 6= 187.4
VLCD 7 =187.4 AGAIN!
VLCD 8= 186.6 (- 9 lbs)
VLCD 9= 186.6 AGAIN!!
VLCD 10= 185.8
VLCD 11=186.2
VLCD 12= 186
VLCD 13= 185.2
VLCD 14= 184.2
VLCD 15 = 184
VLCD 16= Didn't weigh
VLCD 17= 182.2
VLCD 18= 183.2 (deserved this after Fri night)
VLCD 19= 182.8
VLCD 20= 181.8
VLCD 21= 181.6
VLCD 22= 182 (Thanksgiving Day)
VLCD23 = 185.4
VLCD24= 184.6
VLCD 25= 183

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  1. Newjulie's Avatar
    Yeah, Micki! Ready to move forward again...that's great!
    Turbo Jam is serious! I did that for a while. Her energy is amazing...and she is so likable.
    I did about 40 mins of Zumba last night. I am really loving the 20 min ab routine. No floor exercises--- makes me happy!
    We are sunny here today and despite the fact that it is almost Dec I had to turn the heat off and open the sliders.
    Have a great day! So glad you lost your thanksgiving gain.