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Vlcd 27

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Hello Friends!
Wow...I can't believe I have been eating this low cal diet for 27 days (minus one )
I have to say, yesterday and today I am BORED with the food. I am going to have to make something different. I have 14 more days of it so something has to give. I feel like I lose better though when I eat simply. Meat and veggies.

I had a good loss today, almost 2 lbs. I am below my T Day weight now. I really hope to lose 10 more pounds by the end of P2.
I know I can do it!!

How is everyone doing?

R1/ LD1=195.6
R1/ LD2=196
VLCD 1 = 195.4
VLCD 2 = 193
VLCD 3 = 190.8
VLCD 4= 189.8
VLCD 5= 188.4
VLCD 6= 187.4
VLCD 7 =187.4 AGAIN!
VLCD 8= 186.6 (- 9 lbs)
VLCD 9= 186.6 AGAIN!!
VLCD 10= 185.8
VLCD 11=186.2
VLCD 12= 186
VLCD 13= 185.2
VLCD 14= 184.2
VLCD 15 = 184
VLCD 16= Didn't weigh
VLCD 17= 182.2
VLCD 18= 183.2 (deserved this after Fri night)
VLCD 19= 182.8
VLCD 20= 181.8
VLCD 21= 181.6
VLCD 22= 182 (Thanksgiving Day)
VLCD23 = 185.4
VLCD24= 184.6
VLCD 25= 183
VLCD 26= 182.2
VLCD 27= 180.8

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  1. JCollins's Avatar
    wow you are doing so great! Have you tried all the Walden Farms dressing and sauces? I picked some up today and will try marinating with them and use for salad dressing.
  2. robinjanae's Avatar
    You are on the downhill slide. You have done so good. I understand about the food being boring but I try to stay with the simple too. I’m too scared to jump around and try something new when what I have been doing works. I think another 10lbs would be awesome. If I lost 10 more pounds I would really do a happy dance
  3. redefiningme's Avatar
    Micki, let herbs and spices be your friend! I make different dishes all the time. Also, have you checked out the HCG Gourmet Cookbook? It's on here somewhere.