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Grapefruit Day & Chart Adjustments

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Well, I'm back down within my 2-pound range (actually, I'm .2 pounds below it) after my bad food weekend. I didn't do a steak day (don't like steak, and the thought of a meat-heavy meal right before bedtime isn't that appealing) but what I did do was eat my usual breakfast (Uncle Sam's Flakes w/ Flaxseeds and blueberries, plus coffee), have a huge protein shake for lunch (with a very filling 48g protein), and ate a light dinner consisting of a huge serving of grapefruit, lots of water, and some string cheese. The results showed the next morning (-1.8 pounds), and I didn't have to choke down a bunch of heavy meat--yay!

Today I'm planning on having a more substantial dinner, but not too much; I find that I feel better if I eat just enough dinner so that I go to bed a wee bit hungry (or simply "empty"). I sleep better, I feel better upon waking, and I'm not bloated. I guess that's a formula that works for me, so I'm going to aim for it consistently in the future.

In other news, my tracking chart got all screwed up somehow, so I've corrected it. I was off by about three days, probably because of the transition phase between P2 and P3. I'm going to do a 3-week long Phase 4 before launching into my second round. July 2 is when I'll be starting P4, and come July 23 I'll be loading for Round 2.

Now, I don't know what I'll look like at 126 pounds (my goal)--my frame is naturally broad and sturdy (think post-baby Hilary Duff--we've got pretty much the same body type), and the last time I weighed 126 was probably when I was 12. As a 5'4" adult, I may look like an Auschwitz victim at that weight; I may not. I'm just going to play it by ear until I find the right balance. But in any case, I'd better start saving up for a massive October shopping trip!

Start weight: 176.4
Last Drops Weight: 156.8
Weight Lost: 21.6 pounds

No Drops D1: 156.6 - 0.2
No Drops D2: 156.8 + 0.2
No Drops D3: 156.2 - 0.6

P3 D1: 157.6 + 1.4
P3 D2: 157.0 - 0.6
P3 D3: 158.0 + 1.0
P3 D4: 158.4 + 0.4
P3 D5: 157.8 - 0.6
P3 D6: 157.6 - 0.2
P3 D7: 158.4 + 0.8
P3 D8: 157.8 - 0.6
P3 D9: 157.6 - 0.2
P3 D10: 158.4 + 0.8
P3 D11: 157.2 - 1.2
P3 D12: 158.4 + 1.2
P3 D13: 160.0 + 1.6
P3 D14: 159.2 - 0.8
P3 D15: 158.4 - 0.8
P3 D16: 158.4 - 0.0
P3 D17: 156.6 - 1.8

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  1. Bavalay21's Avatar
    Not much more till goal Miley! I like steak--sorry you have to chock it down but looks like you naturally correct with clean eating. I think you will look good at your goal weight with your height and not starved. Your flexible attitude is perfect. By the time you start another round I will be wishes for p3 to hurry and get here! Will be loading on either the 3rd and 4th or 4th and 5th. You're doing great!
  2. pookster's Avatar
    Hey Miley! Your doing just fine... is a grapefruit thing like a steak day? I am still loving steak these days.. but if I ever get sick of it maybe I will try some grapefruit! As for your goal weight..re-assess as you go... go by how you feel... I was shooting for top end of my normal BMI for 5'7 and it just so happens I actually look good and feel great at this weight. If I go any lower.. as crazy as it sounds...I won't look healthy! I feel like I am "just right" ...So don't get caught up in the numbers....play it by ear as you said!