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The hardest thing I've ever done...

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...is this diet. And it seems like the more times I do it (this is #4), the harder it gets. Ferocious hunger, desperate cravings, weakness, tiredness--that's what I've dealt with for the past 2 days. Adjusting dosage doesn't help at all; I'm just as hungry taking 6 drops 3 times a day as I am 12. I've been cheating constantly because I'm just too hungry. I'm still losing weight (down 0.8 this morning after eating... well, a lot of verboten stuff, healthy but verboten: carrots, veg butter, cheese, protein powder, almond milk, Ezekiel bread...) I know, I'm a horrible person.

Annnd I think I might be sick. I've been having stomach problems since about a week before I started loading. WARNING: TMI AHEAD. Lots of gas, stomach noise, loose stools (not diarrhea, just loose) all the time, slight burning in stomach (that may be hunger, though), tiredness, lack of motivation, back pain (might be my bed), loss of appetite at the beginning, and just a general feeling of weakness in my guts. My mom seems to think it might be a peptic ulcer. Fabulous. -__-

I've decided I probably need to go to the doctor, but I REALLY don't want to tell him/her I'm on HCG and be given the third degree about HCG. But I know they're going to want to run tests to rule out things like pregnancy (I've been taking the Pill meticulously for the past several years to help with my acne, don't have plans for kids and certainly don't want any). I know it's better to stay on the protocol, but I just don't know if I've got it in me right now... I'm just so worn out.

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  1. AbsAgain's Avatar
    I did HCG with a doctor, my MD family doctor, who delivered 2 of my children and I've known for 18 years. Not all doctors think this is crazy. You might need to do it with a professional because you shouldn't be feeling hunger. Both my rounds were pretty amazing. The worst was the first when I had 2 days of detoxing and wondered if I was going to feel lousy for 40 days. It stopped and I was in an amazing "zone" for the rest of my round. I actually felt so great I went a little longer than 40 days. Something is wrong when you feel hungry. I lost fat and not muscle.

    It's been 8 months since my last round and I've been maintaining. Today I'm 1.6 lbs. above normal. This is the most successful diet I have ever been on because I'm not craving junk like I used to. I'm glad I spent the money on the Rx HCG and had a doctor's help. I think my last round cost me $400 total.