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Hunger & Habit

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Good news first. This morning DH pulled me into a hug and exclaimed, "You feel smaller!" Talk about a great way to start the day!

Now for the other news. My weight loss seems to be slowing a bit, and I'm wondering if I ought to change a few of my habits and see if that helps. I'm used to having "dessert" after dinner, but since I started hCG I've been having a cup of tea (vanilla chai or Earl Grey) with Stevia and a tablespoon, er teaspoon of almond milk. I've had no problem with it in the past week, so I'm not sure what might be going on in there...

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I've always had a problem knowing when I was full. I'm used to walking around with a full stomach. Anything less than full equates to hunger and a need to fill the void. Every day I've been on the hCG diet, I have been "hungry". I adjusted my drops one day, but I didn't notice any difference; and honestly, I'm too scared that I'll stop losing weight if I cut down on the dose. The way I see it, it's worse to be fat and not losing weight than to be hungry.

But this isn't my usual "hunger"; when I used to get hungry, I'd feel weak and irritable and shaky. I'm not experiencing any of that on the hCG, so I wonder if my gluttonous brain is simply translating my emptiness as hunger. It would explain why when I sit down to a meal I just get bored with it halfway through (or sometimes after a few bites). Of course, I am eating a lot of chicken. Getting really tired of it, too, but my options are rather limited; I don't eat shellfish (crab, shrimp), I don't like the texture of most beef (esp. ground), and I'm leery of all fish in general (white albacore seems to be the only thing I can eat without any problem). But lately I haven't really had any beef with beef. After all the chicken, I'm practically craving it! I've noticed that my morning weigh-in weight is significantly less whenever I eat beef, so maybe my body is telling me to EAT MORE BEEF. Okay, bod. You're the boss.

Right now I've got a London Broil in the crockpot with some sweet onion, minced garlic, low sodium/fat beef broth, and some Mrs Dash. I'm hoping that will help propel me into greater losses, as well as giving up my "dessert tea". Lately I've been halving my morning apple and finishing the other half mid-morning, but this morning I forgot to pack it in my lunch box and I deliberately left my afternoon orange at home. RARGH! Well, I hear it's better to give up the fruit or bread portions of your meals if you're experiencing a stall, so maybe this is for the better. If only I can get my brain and stomach to synch up on this whole hunger vs. empty issue, I'll be set!

Start weight: 176.4
BMI: 30.3


Loading D1: 176.4
Loading D2: 177.2 + 0.8

VLCD D1: 178.4 + 1.2
VLCD D2: 175.6 - 2.8
VLCD D3: 173.0 - 2.6
VLCD D4: 172.4 - 0.6
VLCD D5: 171.2 - 1.2
VLCD D6: 170.0 - 1.2
VLCD D7: 170.2 + 0.2 (Dinner with relatives & TOM)
VLCD D8: 169.0 - 1.2
VLCD D9: 167.8 - 1.2
VLCD D10: 167.2 - 0.6
VLDC D11: 166.4 - 0.8

Loss to Date: 12.0 lbs

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Updated May 2nd, 2013 at 07:02 AM by Miley



  1. tomwilla's Avatar
    12 pounds in 11 days is rocking this diet. Also remember pounds and INCHES. when you start to slow down on you poundage you are still loosing but it inches. What ever you are doing it is working so dont stop.
    emptiness as hunger could be true, but you can also experment with your drops, If your hunger starts about 1pm even though you’ve eaten already, it’s likely the dose is too high. If you’re hungry at night only, it’s likely the dose is too low. but this is just a guide ever one is different.
  2. Miley's Avatar
    Thank you, Tomwilla! You're right, I have to remember that I'm still making progress, even if the scale says I'm not. I just think I've gotten spoiled losing 1+ pounds per day... I couldn't have lost 12 pounds in 12 months without hCG!

    The worst of my "hunger" seems to hit mid-morning (10:30ish), so I am ready for lunch! ...Only I'm not that crazy about it once I start eating. Kind of like, "Meh, I got excited about this?" But I'm really missing my apple half right now! I have mild "hunger" in the late afternoon just before dinner, and no hunger after dinner. And really, if I'm up and moving around it's not so bad. Sitting at my desk in the morning, that seems to be where my "hunger" strikes the hardest. Drinking water helps, so I guess I'll do that and just keep moving around. Lunchtime will be here soon and I'm not going to starve in the next hour and 20 minutes.
  3. tomwilla's Avatar
    I think it is ok to be hungry before your meals. and I think your "dessert" after dinner is fine. If you stop anything drop the bread sticks, cut down on some of the fruit. You are really doing great.
  4. Miley's Avatar
    Thanks, Tom! I'm accidentally cutting down on my fruit today, but I'll try cutting down on the bread sticks and see if I don't notice a difference. It's such a small amount I shouldn't miss them anyway.
  5. thefoodpassionista's Avatar
    Any loss is a good loss!