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Much, much better.

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I was a complete angel at Wednesday night church meet. I didn't cheat at all (I didn't eat any of the available food, in fact, though I did have a coffee with my stevia before eating my spinach soup, and that cut my appetite nearly in half), and my losses are picking back up again--down 1.4 pounds this morning! (I've lost more weight in the past 4 days than I did all last week.) I'm beginning to see the changes, too, especially in my face/neck. That usually happens when I've passed the 10-pound mark, which also happened this morning. At 153.4, it won't be much longer before I'm in the 140s. Couldn't be happier! And I'm learning how to control my cravings and avoid temptation, which, I believe, is something that will continue to aid me long after I'm off HCG.

Happy Friday, everyone!


Loading D1: 160.2
Loading D2: 162.6 +2.4

R2P2 D1: 164.2 +1.6
R2P2 D2: 160.6 -3.6
R2P2 D3: 159.4 -1.2
R2P2 D4: 158.8 -0.6
R2P2 D5: 159.6 +0.8
R2P2 D6: 157.6 -2.0
R2P2 D7: 157.2 -0.4
R2P2 D8: no weigh in
R2P2 D9: 158.0 +0.8
R2P2 D10: 158.4 +0.4
R2P2 D11: 158.2 -0.2
R2P2 D12: 156.6 -1.6
R2P2 D13: 155.2 -1.4
R2P2 D14: 155.2 -0.0
R2P2 D15: 157.0 +1.8
R2P2 D16: 156.8 -0.2
R2P2 D17: 155.6 -1.2
R2P2 D18: 154.8 -0.8
R2P2 D19: 153.4 -1.4

R2 Loss So Far: 10.8 pounds

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  1. lidokey's Avatar
    Great going! Spinach soup sounds yummy, recipe please!
  2. Miley's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by lidokey
    Great going! Spinach soup sounds yummy, recipe please!
    Thanks, lidokey! Sure, here's the recipe (for a single serving):

    -1 1/4 cup frozen chopped spinach
    -1 cup vegetable broth (I use Swanson's)
    -1 small diced onion (or you can use onion powder)
    -garlic powder, pepper, Ms Dash, any other seasonings you want (I've added crushed red pepper, curry powder, ginger on occasion--it's all up to the chef!)

    Optional: add 3.5 ounces cooked chicken breast to make it a "meal"

    Thaw spinach in microwave. (Optional: you can run the thawed spinach through a food processor or blender if you want it a bit finer. I sometimes do.) Meanwhile, saute onion in small saucepan with just enough of the veggie broth to keep the onions from sticking. (Now would be a good time to add pepper/crushed red pepper to get the flavors infused.) When onions are tender, add spinach, the rest of the broth, and chicken if you're using it. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat. Add any other seasonings. Stir. Allow to simmer (covered) for 10-25 minutes. Enjoy!