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Back to basics

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So I thought I'd keep check of myself and start this blog.

First, a bit about me for those who are interested, LOL!

Here are my current weight stats:
5 July 2010: 193.5 lbs (1st loading day)
6 July 2010: 196 lbs (2nd loading day)
7 July 2010: 196 lbs (day 1 VLCD)
8 July 2010: 190 lbs (day 2 VLCD)

I am a 34 year old 5'10" Dutch female, living and working in Germany.
I am single, and live alone, although not lonely!
I have 3 great siblings and wonderful parents.
I work as a Perfumer, so creating new fragrances for a wide range of products (anything that has a scent basically).
I have spent my whole working life outside Holland, starting in the UK, where I studied and got my first job, and then on to Spain where I spent 2 years working in Barcelona. Now I am in Bielefeld, Germany since January 2010, back working for the same company that I worked for in the UK.

Six years ago, I weighed 235 lbs, and I decided to do something about it. I tried Low Carb, and even though I loved the foods, I just did not see any results! I did some research, and eventually decided on a VLCD called the Cambridge diet. Meal replacements do not teach you about eating properly though! So after about 5 months I weighed 160 lbs, which for my height is just right.

And that is where my 6 year fight against fat started... I could not stay at my goal weight, and did low carb, low calorie, etc etc. And now we are here. I did the HCG injections, and lost a good amount of weight, but then I did not stabilise properly, so I gained some weight back again!!! Stupid stupid.

Here in Germany it is pretty difficult to get anything without a prescription, so I have decided on the homeopathic HCG drops this time.

I did my 2 loading days, and actually got to the point where the thought of food made me sick, LOL! So I guess I did that one right! My weightloss journey starts at 196 lbs, after loading. Today, day 4 I am at 190 lbs, so.... 6lbs gone already! I am determined to do this properly, stabilise properly, etc etc!

I will be doing a long round, but with a 12 day break in the middle, as I am going on a hiking holiday in the Swiss Alps, and I think with all the energy I need and the food available, that doing the first phase of stabilisation for this time will be the best option.
After that I will continue my round till I complete my first long round. I will stabilise for 6 weeks then, and if I need to lose anymore, I will start another round to get to my goal weight of 158 lbs.

I guess that is all the info I want to write, I will post again tomorrow with my stats and anything else I have to say by then!

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  1. kbj's Avatar
    Good Luck Mimsy! - So far as I can tell, you are the first blogger on this site! I have never blogged before, but with your example, I might just do it in order to have somewhere to hold myself accountable. I am almost 20 years older than you are and sometimes all this new technology is beyond me. I know that you are disappointed to have gained some weight back after your first round of HCG, but this time you realize what you need to do to stabilize. I am impressed with how much you were able to lose on the Cambridge diet, but yes, meal replacements stop helping as soon as you start fixing your own meals again... I'm hoping to start this week; it has taken a long time to get my doctors' approvals and even now we have some disagreement over what my dosage should be. I am tired of waiting. Anyway, hope to join you soon.

  2. Mimsy's Avatar
    I just realised I posted my blog post as a comment here...

    Well, just fixed that!
    Updated July 9th, 2010 at 01:14 AM by Mimsy
  3. kbj's Avatar
    I tried to start a blog last night, but it disappeared. I tried again today, but it still shows that I have no blog entries. I may need to get my 20 something son to show me what I am doing wrong! In the meantime, I am picking up my hcg shots today and starting the official P1 tomorrow. So today I have to get everything together and ready to go.
  4. Snowdreams's Avatar
    Hi it's good to have you on the site. I live in North Pole Alaska and i am on my first round of the HHCG drops. It's been 33 days and and i have lost 35 pounds. Great diet, what a life saver. Look forward to seeing your post. Take Care.
  5. Spesic22's Avatar
    Good luck!!! And enjoy hiking!!
  6. Slimmersaz's Avatar
    Good luck, I am on day 13 of my first round and I am down a stone already, another 21 lbs to go!

    I will be checking your blog to see how you are getting on, enjoy your hike