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Hot hot hot! Finally summer is here!

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I just realised I posted this as a comment to my first post, so I thought it would be better to do a separate blog post instead, LOL!


Well another day done and I am not feeling hungry at all! My stomach does make funny noises, but no hunger pains!

I released another .8lbs, which is great!
I am noticing that I am not retaining so much water and I look less bloated in my face, YAY!!!

kbj: Hi!!! Do start a blog, it will be nice to read about someone else's journey too! I feel like I am talking to myself, LOL! Hope your approval will be soon, and that you can get started!

Here are my current weight stats:
5 July 2010: 193.5 lbs (1st loading day)
6 July 2010: 196 lbs (2nd loading day)
7 July 2010: 196 lbs (day 1 VLCD)
8 July 2010: 190 lbs (day 2 VLCD)
9 July 2010: 189.2lbs (day 3 VLCD)

This weekend I am off to Holland to see family and friends, and they have all been informed about my diet, so hopefully it will be easy to stick to protocol! I will not be posting here until Monday... (of course I am bringing my scales, I need to stay informed about my weightloss, LOL!)

On Sunday the football world cup final is, (soccer to all you Americans) and Holland is playing Spain, should be a great game to watch! Of course I will be wearing my orange shirt to support our Dutch guys!

I am actually really glad we are experiencing tropical temperatures at the moment, it reduces my appetite, so protocol is not too hard to stick to at the moment.

Well, that's it, enjoy the weekend and see you here Monday!

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