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Mina Abdulla

Help - stalled and want to end

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Hi All,

As background, HCG has literally CHANGED my life. It's changed how I feel about myself, food and really taught me discipline. I started this diet 3 years ago weighing 150 pounds and realizing that I felt so unhealthy and needed to get it together.

Fast forward, I maintained most of the weight but was getting married last year and wanted to shed extra pounds so decided to do round 2; losing about 10 pounds and ending at 108. Now fast forward another year, I maintanced pretty well, I was hovering at 111 for a whole year until I recently moved to NYC and just ate unhealthy (I haven't had bread, pasta or rice in a year) so unhealthy meaning just oily and alcohol. And I gained about 6 pounds over course few months. This sent me into a spiral and I decided to do hcg again. I'm on VLCD10 and back to 111 (total 7 pounds lost) and stalled. Period is delayed by 4 days n I just can't do this diet anymore. I feel silly n almost crazy to do this. Part of me wants to push through and lose more and other part just wants to live life. I've become obsessive and feel like I just can't enjoy my life anymore.

Just please someone help me either break this stall (recommendations) or tell me how I get off this diet because I can lose rest of the weight in a more healthy fashion. Also PS my loading was Salads and cheesy chicken....not exactly the best loading.

Sorry for this long post and for so many life details but I'm sure some of what im saying resonates with my fellow HCGers. Help a gal

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  1. DrJenn's Avatar
    I love your post Mina! It got buried in a spammer's trail, but I just cleared that up and your post was the first to come up. Oh my goodness you have had quite the journey already! Are you in one of the support groups yet? The mods and fellow Hcg Dieters there will have sooooo many helpful tips for you!