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Here we go!!!

My Hucog 5000 (2 vials) has shipped today and should be here soon, I am excited at the possiblity of finally finding a way to shed my unwanted weight as well as my negative self image. For years (and I'm talking 15 years here!), I have struggled with weight gain and finally reached my highest gain two years ago at 235 lbs. I had the oddest split from my long-time boyfriend/short-term husband and spent 7 months living next door to him and his new (and way slimmer) girlfriend in our duplex. I would love to say that I was the better person and lived peacefully and accepting of what I had to witness daily, but I did have my moments, lol! During those 7 long months, I nearly lost my job but also lost 75 lbs, I felt so good physically!

My mental health suffered tremendously, I was diagnosed bi-polar at the age of 17 years old. I have been to so many psychiatrists over the years that have thrown so many pills at me that I can't even begin to list everything I have tried. I've spent years taking medications that have made me feel worse or made me not even aware of the world around me. I finally realized last year that ITS THE WEIGHT!!! I feel like a totally different person without all this extra baggage!!! I am an emotional person, lol. I know when I am having my highs and lows that come with being bi-polar. I just can't do anything to change that other than becoming a zombie on meds or change what causes the lows...my self image.

This is for me...I can do this!

  1. Amazing!

    I am so happy on this diet! I have had a few setbacks already and am a little rouge, but that's just me in general, lol. But I'm 7.5 lbs down and can almost see my weight back into the 100's again...woohoo! I haven't had any huge hunger pains that I can't deal with...other than the chocolate. I totally blame it on TOM, I don't normally even eat sweets! So it's gotta be that.

    I made regular, cinnamon and chocolate grissinis last night and those are my magic fix I've needed ...
  2. No Hucog Yet!

    I had a great weekend, went out Saturday night and enjoyed a few Bud Lights as well as a BA Cheeseburger, lol. Despite still eating like a linebacker the other night, I've still managed to lose another two lbs. Hey, I'll take 'em however I can get (or lose) 'em.

    Diet will be starting soon! I'm sure I will miss the BA Cheeseburger and his tasty fry friends, but I still carry memories of him on my hips for now, lol!