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Here we go!!!


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I am so happy on this diet! I have had a few setbacks already and am a little rouge, but that's just me in general, lol. But I'm 7.5 lbs down and can almost see my weight back into the 100's again...woohoo! I haven't had any huge hunger pains that I can't deal with...other than the chocolate. I totally blame it on TOM, I don't normally even eat sweets! So it's gotta be that.

I made regular, cinnamon and chocolate grissinis last night and those are my magic fix I've needed the last few days. Seriously, if you would have asked me a week ago how much I love stevia I would have looked at you like you're crazy lol. My coffee consuption is about 1/8 of what it used to be, but I'm still not drinking all of the fluids I should. Therefore, I am backed up...err...constipated bad as in no BM for 5 days. I took lots of laxatives last night with no effect, so I expect them to work as soon as we get busy at work today (such is my luck, lol).

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  1. CBS's Avatar
    Congratulations on the wonderful results! Can you tell me what cinnamon and chocolate grissinis are? A magic fix sounds pretty good to me! I have just the opposite problem as you...I hope that this program stops me up just a little: )