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hhcg pellets or drops

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Jen- I bought the pellets on ebay. The seller is Thinxis and they are homeopathic. They cost $44.95 plus free shipping for a 40 day round. What I did was I ask one of the buyers who gave feedback how the pellets were working for he or she and they said great so I took my chances and ordered from them. They also have some you can bid on. They have been great for me and will purchase again.

If you do a search on ebay for HCG pellets, Thinxis is the only site so far selling them so should be easy to find.


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  1. Elliebabe's Avatar
    Guys and Gals, I saw Yavonne pellets on Amazon for 29.99, plus 4.50 shipping, or close to that. People have reported good results with Yavonne drops, don't know about pellets. I am spelling Yavonne incorrectly I think.

  2. Beth_M's Avatar
    Yavonae's are a private label of the same stuff that Natural Health Labs (ultimate hcg), and Vox Nutrition are selling.

    I know for a fact that Thinxis is a privately label that is supplied by Natural Health Labs.

    All the bottles are exactly the same.. wording and everything. The only difference is the name on the front and the logo.