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  1. First week on P3, and making discoveries

    For the most part things are going great. BUT I did find out that I am sensitive to cheese! OMG! The bloating and discomfort were bad, not to mention the overall yuckies. Steak got it out of my system. Thank goodness! Beef to the resue!

    I did gain back a pound, but no more. That was 2 days ago, no change yet. But no more gaining!

    Also, no more pizza, or cheese sandwiches, or apples and cheese.... bummer. But, I wanted a new lifestyle. And cheese will take ...
    Tags: bloating, cheese
  2. Can bend over without seeing stars!

    Yea! Another success, even if it was a surprise. I had to bend down to plug a cable into the computer and I didn't see stars when I sat back up! That hasn't happened in a long time.

    I always got down on myself because I didn't do more, but these little incidents make me realize that I had reasons for that. It was uncomfortable the last time I tried it (in general), so my subconscious tries to protect me from that. Hence, non-activity.

    Since I am letting go of the ...
  3. R1P2D10 and I have let go of 12.8 pounds! Yea, me!

    I love the way this diet has worked. It is by far the easiest one I have ever done.

    It's strict, and I must stay dedicated each day. I just don't feel hungry, or like I'm being deprived of anything. I feel like I'm winning. What a great feeling to have!