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First week on P3, and making discoveries

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For the most part things are going great. BUT I did find out that I am sensitive to cheese! OMG! The bloating and discomfort were bad, not to mention the overall yuckies. Steak got it out of my system. Thank goodness! Beef to the resue!

I did gain back a pound, but no more. That was 2 days ago, no change yet. But no more gaining!

Also, no more pizza, or cheese sandwiches, or apples and cheese.... bummer. But, I wanted a new lifestyle. And cheese will take me back to the old one. Don't want that. So letting go of the cheese is a small price to pay for the better and better to come!

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  1. nsbrown76's Avatar
    Oh help us. I like cheese too. Now if this messes with my butter, we may have a problem. LOL.
  2. Dubbles's Avatar
    U wouldn't care to share what u've been having on P3, would u. I'll be joining u the day after tomorrow. I'm nervous!
  3. MiracleTracker's Avatar
    I was nervous, too. But, it isn't a problem. I'm eating what I did on P2, but have added peanut butter, oils, dark meat chicken, tuna, more fruits, and fried/dried vegetables from Fresh Market. Oh! And I am eating shirataki noodles - no carbs or calories!

    The most important part for me has been my mindset. That's why I haven't had the cravings I was afraid I would. I did have some, but I realized it was mostly old habits, not really cravings at all. The things that helped me are the recordings I made. I am working on creating my website now. But, if you would like to have a free copy of the ones I use, let me know. I'll be happy to send them to you. I know it made all the difference for me. I hope it can help you, too.

    Best of luck!
  4. MiracleTracker's Avatar
    P.S., the shirataki noodles are not made from wheat. They are full of fiber, so it helps get things moving out of your body. It also helps me with the weight loss. And I definitely feel more satisfied when I eat.
  5. Dubbles's Avatar
    Will have to check out the shiratiki noodles. Purchased the veggie slicer, and will have some zucchini pasta soon, but the noodles would probably taste better. But are they considered a starch?
  6. dutchbaby's Avatar
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! We share the same B-Day!! Sent you a friend request!
  7. MiracleTracker's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by dutchbaby
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! We share the same B-Day!! Sent you a friend request!
    Thank you for letting me know, and sending your friend request - which I accepted, of course!

    I'm learning a lot on this "cure" and am looking forward to finding out more about your experience. Best wishes for your success, and may you be slender and svelt and on top of the world on your NEXT birthday! And have a great one today!!!!!

  8. dutchbaby's Avatar
    Hi Charlotte! You posted on my wall but I can't seem to figure out how to post on yours so I'm writing through your blog.
    I too have troubles keeping up with the forums, there are so many threads. Plus, I think I'm just sinking into this as everyday life.

    I hope to take some more pictures right before Thanksgiving to see if I've had any improvements in skin tone etc through P4. My P4 has been more like a continuation of P3. I haven't much had the desire to eat pasta or maybe part of that is simply fear! ha ha I've had two "cheat meals" that were Mexican food and other than that it has been P3. I'm happy though!

    Nice to hear from you so feel free to check in and let me know how you're doing as well!