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I need some help.
I am only on my VLCD day 3.
I was doing so well until I got home and saw that my roommate had brought home brownies and ice cream..
I cheated and had some. Now i'm feeling so in the dumps about it that I don't know what to do.
Debating giving up but I want to lose weight so bad before my birthday.
Does anyone have any idea on what I should expect to gain by tomorrow??

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Tags: cheated


  1. Feisty's Avatar
    Misst, No one can help you with this. You just have to take your knocks and you can NOT blame it on the room mates. YOU and only you are in control of what you put in your mouth unless they tied you down and literally stuffed your face. You should expect a gain tomorrow but you might get lucky and not. Every cheat depends on the person. The only thing you can do is get focused, stay intent and get your head back in the game. NO MORE CHEATING!
  2. misst86's Avatar
    Thank you for this
    My intentions weren't to blame it on the roommate. . . I fully accept that it was my mistake to cheat!

    I really hope I am lucky and don't gain. I went and ran lightly for 30 minutes and then came home and drank a lot of water.... do you think this could help at all with tomorrows turn out??
    Im a newbie with this! Thank you for your help
  3. AZJan's Avatar
    So sorry you had to deal with such a temptation right off the bat! It's a very strict diet and can be very hard to stay with on some days.