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Not my problem

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So when everyone asks how are you losing so much weight of course I told them. Now 3 other people are doing it too. Great the only problem they act like I'm responsible for thier success. I have enough problems with my own! If you don't lose but you don't follow protocal how can that fall on me grr. I gave the tools set you in motion now it's up to you just saying.

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  1. homebizboomer's Avatar
    Amen, Sista! They need to do their own research and studying so they really understand what happens with this protocol. Understanding it makes it a lot easier to stick to...IMHO.
  2. DtheFashionista's Avatar
    I know exactly what you mean. I had a girlfriend who tried HCG after my first round and I gave her all the info linked her to the PDF of P&I and the forums and all she did was whine that she wasn't being successful. I asked her if she read P&I and she said that she had skimmed it and figured she could just ask me. UM READ THE BOOK! I love to share how HCG has changed/is changing my life, but I am not a doctor or a personal dietician. I'm considering telling people I've taken up drugs so they don't think I'm a diet guru.
  3. Dubbles's Avatar
    D, you are crazy! But I do agree with her. Actually in my experience, I learned of the diet from DB and SIL, once I started, he started and then stopped. Felt like he didn't feel well on protocol. I felt badly, and didn't want him to feel like a failure, but like u all said, we can't be responsible for other people's successes or failures with it. It's made a total difference in my own life, and am grateful to have found this amazing product and the support here, if no where else. kwim? How much have u lost Mistymay? If u don't mind sharing?