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Need advice for P3

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I'm on R1P2 day33 of VLCD. I'm doing 45 days on the HHCG. I'll be starting P3 soon and would appreciate any advice. As a flight attendant I travel every week and need to bring my own food. Appreciate any advice. Thanks

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  1. Perseverance's Avatar
    P3 isn't that hard. Jst stick with protein, veggies, fat and some fruit. It is pretty easy to eat out though some airports may be a challenge. Add nuts and cheese in slowly. Just remember no sugar or starch.
  2. losn30's Avatar
    I travel a lot for work on airplanes and found that making (from supermarket bulk bins) large sized bags of mixed nuts worked great and the mozz cheese sticks worked perfect too. I also keep powdered protein shakes with me due to the liquid restrictions and just toss it in a bottle of h20 and shake. so many options for meat eaters to order grilled chicken salads, or burgers sans bun etc.. Loved P3! Especially while traveling. good luck
  3. Mitzil's Avatar
    Thank you for the input. Makes me feel better about it.