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Do I need to stop taking my vitamins during phase 2? I take a multi, calcium, fish oil and juice plus fruits and veggies capsules.

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  1. STL - Tracy's Avatar
    From everything I've read, YES, you should stop taking your daily vitamins - especially the fish oil. Any oil in your system will quickly be grabbed onto and stored as fat. Also, I think the concern with outher vitamins is that they possibly have hidden sugars and starches. I gave up my one-a-day when I started P2, and will try add it back in when I get to P3. The only think I take currently is my HBP med and a potasium suppliment to help with muscle cramps. I've seen postings before with info about other suppliments you can use, but unfortunatly don't have the info here. I can say this though, I have only had an increase in my energy since starting, and truly believe that my improved eating of fruits and veggies have helped me stay healthy while all my co-workers have gotten sick recently.

    Best of Luck to you!!!