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Eating out - more protein

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On Wed. my kids and I went swimming at my dad's and I had planned to make jambalaya for supper. I had a few fresh tomatoes, but like someone else on here (sorry I can't remember who at this moment), I went ahead and used canned tomatoes since I was making a small pan for me with measured protein and then larger pan for them (with added corn and they put theirs over rice). It was just easier that way. Little did I know when I drained the can and couldn't resist taking a drink of the tomato juice that it would overtake me!! I drank quite a bit that night. I just could't stop! I haven't had cravings for really anything and I'm a sweet eater like crazy, but that hasn't been my problem. Anyway, the next morning just showed a 0.2 loss. Thursday then I had my dr. appt. and told her I was hungry late in the evening still. She said her first suggestion is usually to up the protein to 300 grams and she's found that with most of her patients, it doesn't affect weight loss at all. Well that was perfect since I was getting ready to have a GNO in the afternoon and we met at a steakhouse just after. Even though my dr. said she uses this restaurant quite often, my waitress had a hard time getting it. I said salad with just tomatoes - no cheese, croutons, etc. I also ordered it with a grilled chicken breast cooked with no oil or seasonings of any kind except possibly salt/pepper. Twice she still asked me if I wanted it fried. I guess because I was looking at the salads and pointed toward the fried chicken salad only to specify that I didn't want any of the added items on it. I really about put her over the edge when I said no salad dressing! lol! I brought my own. After the movie, we went by health food store and I picked up a cold stevia soda (wanting to try different flavors for when I REALLY need something). A long trip to Wal-Mart left me getting home very late and fixed a quick and good supper but then when I opened the fridge to put things away..... the tomato juice from the night before was staring back at me! I started drinking and couldn't quit!! Finally I just finished that off and got it out of my mind. So the next day resulted in a 0.7 gain. My first since beginning.

Then yesterday, I once again went out of town. We ate at another steakhouse and this time I ordered the flounder and mixed green salad. I asked if the salad only contained mixed greens and she said yes. I said right at this time I can't have ANY oil or sugar so I had to be very careful with everything. She was so proud of herself for having my flounder fixed without oil and she did bring my salad without croutons, but it had cheese on it! It was pretty much on top so I picked it off instead of returning it. I had another stevia soda that afternoon, then I used the canned tomatoes for supper again because at that point, I was afraid I'd blown it already and when my son had picked some up, he had picked up the HUGE can llike they use in schools, etc. lol! Then this morning, I was pleasantly surprised with a 1.4 pound loss! I lost the 0.7 I had gained, plus another 0.7. That means I lost just 0.7 in two days of dieting, but at least I know I can manage eating out for the most part and still follow protocol. Because the dr. had upped my protein amount, I was able to eat most of the meat they gave me at each rest. and then just had my regular 100 grams for supper.

VLCD 8 - lost 0.2
Spinach, cottage cheese, apple
Jambalaya (Chicken, tomatoes), melba toast, blackberries
Drank some tomato juice from canned tomatoes

VLCD 9 - up 0.7
Colton's - salad with grilled chicken, apple, stevia soda, melba toast
Turkey breast (ground) and cabbage stir-fry

VLCD 10 - lost yesterday's gain plus another 0.7
Longhorn's - Flounder, salad, apple, melba toast
Ground turkey and tomatoes

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Updated July 30th, 2011 at 08:42 PM by mlove