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No hunger at all!! VLCD5

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I had a great day! I lowered my drops to ten to see if that helped with hunger and I wasn't hungry, but I have read on here that for most people if they started out hungry, it got better by about the fifth day or so. So.... who knows!

I do know that I am eating sooooo much better than I have in the last 4+ months! My son plays baseball and even if you do manage to eat healthy, I am still eating out all the time so this past week of home eating has been great! (Baseball ended the day before I loaded) I have tried several new things and have been pleasantly surprised! If it hadn't been for the diet and knowing I need to change things up, I probably would have never tried them! I have always heard of putting cucumber and lemon slices in a pitcher of water, but today is the first time I have ever added both to the same pitcher. I love it! It's been a great change. The cucumber takes away a little bit of the strong lemon flavor. Thirst quenching!

Meals yesterday - lost 0.6
Cottage cheese and spinach salad, breadstick, baked apple with cinnamon and stevia (which I never liked before at all!)

Tilapia, asparagus (not my fav but it was pretty good) and more baked apple

Today's meals - lost 0.9
Ground beef and cabbage, blackberries, and breadstick
Chicken breast, grilled romaine hearts (delicious!!), and strawberries with balsmic vinegar and basil (surprisingly good!!)

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Updated July 26th, 2011 at 09:47 PM by mlove



  1. monicaferg's Avatar
    Mlove did you make your balsamic vinegar or is there a store bought one you found that we can use? Great variety's on your meal plans!
  2. mlove's Avatar
    No, I just used the one I had, even though I have heard that there is a sugar-free version. It doesn't showed added sugars, but it does say it contains 2 grams. I lost 0.9 this morning, so it must not have affected me too much. lol!