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Going slow - but feeling good

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I have eaten out several times on this diet, I had an awesome catered lunch yesterday and I have managed to stay on protocol everytime. Planning ahead is really the key. On my days out I have always had an apple, crackers, and legal salad dressing in my purse. Just ask for a salad (without cheese and croutons) and for protein, I've enjoyed grilled chicken breast, peppered sirloin steak, and grilled flounder. The catered lunch was the biggie though! I stood back while others got in line to get their food and I quietly walked out the door to my office. I had brought a salad with chicken. I called a friend and ending up going around to her office to eat and watch her baby while she went to fix her plate. We visited and I finally went back in. Everyone was finished with the meal, I started looking at paperwork, and no one realized I hadn't been sitting at one of the other tables eating. Yay me!! There will be another great catered lunch on Monday and there will be more people around than yesterday, but I'm hoping to make it work again.

This is VLCD 17 for me and I have lost 11.7 pounds. Some days have just been 0.3, but most are 0.6. And what's funny is that on the days I've only lost 0.3, I've been home and not eaten out! lol! Oh well, slow, as long as its steady, will work for me at this point!

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  1. wwkiks's Avatar
    That is really great!!! Thanks for sharing! Last week, I was visiting a friend and we were celebrating everyones birthday's during the week. So with all the different restaurants it was crazy. I just ordered ice water with lemon every time. I was perfectly fine but it amazes me how it bothers everyone else. I want to fade away so they can eat and not make a big deal of it, like you did. To just sit there and drink water is difficult, they want you to eat something but you don't know how it is prepared and I refuse to take the chance! WTG with your success!! We shall hang in here and do this!! Have a great weekend! Happy losing!
  2. mlove's Avatar
    I just drilled the waitress' that I was having to do a special diet right now and couldn't have any oil or sugar, not even in a seasoning. I know it's bad, but if you make it sound like something's wrong with you, they'll really do their best to accomodate. They were all so nice and seemed very proud of themselves when they brought me my food.