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Every time I have run across a great tip or recipe on this forum, I have copied and pasted it into a word document. I spent this evening giving everything a title, taking out unnecessary words, and writing each recipe down with its corresponding page number. I am so thrilled that I have so many choices! Thanks to all who have posted recipes!! I have read several times on this forum that people are getting bored with the same ol' foods and even though most recipes do still use that small list of legal foods, cooking chicken in twenty different ways is still going to be better than only one or two. lol!

I have now completed one week of VLCDs! I lost exactly my load weight on the first day, so it won't be until tomorrow until I really consider myself dieting one week.

VLCD6 meals - lost 0.5
Spinach and cottage cheese salad, breadstick, blackberries
Tilapia, tomatoes, breadstick, grapefruit

VLCD7 meals - lost 1.3
Spinach and shrimp salad with Spicy and Sweet Mustard dressing, strawberries
Sirloin, grilled romaine hearts with a little tomato (bad me), baked apple with cinn.

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  1. kwanzaa4u1967's Avatar
    NICE!! What do you think about posting all your recipe collections here for us to copy and paste? TO SHARE?? Here is something I posted::::

    Here is a list of the quantity and calories of each of the Very Low
    Calorie Diet (VLCD) foods.

    From www.nutritiondata.com USDA nutrition data base ~ all foods
    measured & weighed RAW

    FRUIT: one fruit per meal; do not mix
    Apple: medium = 95
    Grapefruit: = 44
    Orange: large = 86
    Strawberries: 10 medium: = 40

    Melba Toast: 1 = 20
    Melba Snack: 2 = 24
    Grissini Breadstick: 1 = 20

    MEAT: 100 grams - 3 ounces; all visible fat removed; weighed raw;
    cook with no oil or fat:
    Chicken Breast: = 110
    Ground Beef: 95% lean = 137
    Steak: (round/sirloin tip) = 142
    Crab: = 84
    Halibut: 110
    Cod = 110
    Flounder: 91
    Tilapia: 96
    Lobster: = 90
    Shrimp: = 106
    Veal: = 112

    VEGETABLES: measured raw; one vegetable per meal; do not mix; ADJUST
    the serving sizes to fit your 500 calories per day!
    Asparagus: 10 medium spears = 30
    Beet-Greens: 3 cups = 24
    Cabbage: 1 cup = 22
    Celery: 2 cups = 32
    Chard: 3 cups = 21
    Cucumber: 1 medium = 45
    Fennel: 1 cup = 27
    Lettuce: 3 cups green = 15
    Onion: cup = 32
    Red Radishes: 1 cup sliced = 19
    Spinach: 3 cups = 21
    Tomatoes: 1 medium = 22 1 cup = 27

    MILK: 1 Tablespoon whole milk = 9 calories

  2. mlove's Avatar
    Most of it is from a file found somewhere on this website, a few others are just hints and tips I found along the way, mostly on the hints and tips thread under the general information. lol! Maybe checkout crittlebug.... I think she posted the file just the other night. I will be more than happy to send it to you if you want to send me your email though. It is about 95 pages long...
  3. mlove's Avatar
    By the way, if you look around there is also a file that has an HCG diet tracker on it. It's an excel program and it's excellent!! Also, if you run across Racquel, she's the one that designed it and her posts have a link to it on the bottom of them.