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HCG and me post2

Bit of a backslide

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Posting this blog, hoping not to feel alone =( Started my HCG journey earlier this year at 224. after 1.5 rounds, my LIW was 177. First round went beautifully, stabilized like a rock star. Second round, not so much. My head was never really in the game, and I only lost like 12 lbs. after that my main goal was just to stabilize for the remainder of the Summer. As of last Thursday, I weighed in at 183, so 6 up which is basically where I stabilized ( oddly enough, my LIW after round 1 was 189) Anyway, I start my injections today for round 3 at 193 =( I am up 10 lbs this week because I became the carb monster this week. In part because I knew I was starting another round this week, and in part because I am to start TOM this week as well. Anyway, feeling like a bit of a failure right this moment ... was hoping for this to be my last round, but looking now like there will be at least one more after the first of the year. Measured this morning and am also up a few inches in the waist and hips, arms and calves remained the same. Trying to remember that I am still 31 down from where I started. Expecting huge losses first two weeks, time will tell.

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  1. hummingbirddragonfly's Avatar
    Good luck. You did great on the first round! I am wishing you more losses!
  2. joysee's Avatar
    Try to shake the failure part. You will succeed! Good luck and keep posting. If you need a friend I'm here to encourage you on. I am just over a week from R1P3 so I would love to have a friend that has been through P3 and done great!
  3. marvless's Avatar
    Hey! I've missed seeing you around! I've had my fair share of regained pounds so I feel your pain BUT the good news is you can get right back on the wagon. Try to learn from this experience & make a plan for how you'll do things differently this time. You're not alone & if you want a daily group to hang out with the SSG ladies are still going strong.
  4. Scarlett22's Avatar
    You are going to do just fine! You know what to do!
  5. mntnharleygirl's Avatar
    thanks girls =) first day vlc today, feeling a bit hungry, but not too bad. Weighed in today and no gain on loading !!! yay me, here we go !!!