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HCG and me post2

R1P2 complete... sats and other stuff =)

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So it's official, I have completed P2 =) total loss for 40 days 26 pounds ( YaYYYYY) start weight 214.6 current weight 188.6. My weekly sats are as follows, week1-6.2 pounds, week 2-4 pounds, week 3- 4.4 pounds, week 4- 4.6 pounds, week 5-3.8 pounds and week 6- 3 pounds. Week one and 2 I went exactly by protocol, but I did rouge the rest of the time. I added occasional eggs, broccoli and cauliflower, and I frequently mixed things. I also ate ALOT of frozen Turkey burgers !! The George Forman was also my best friend lol. I did try to balance, like If I had a turkey burger for lunch, I would have tilapia for dinner. When I say mix, I would take a turkey burger, wrap it in lettuce and have a slice of tomato, onion, pickle and some mustard on it. One of my favorite deserts was an orange cut up mixed with cut up strawberries in it ( how I will miss this in P3) And I did do stevia in my morning coffee. Most days, I did not do the melba, mostly just because I didn't want it, but on occasion, I did eat it. The scale moved slowly but consistently down, and I only had a brief 3 day stall, very early in the round. I had a rough couple of days toward the end of the round, and felt horrible( shaky, weak, anxious) had to up my protein for a few days and feel great today. I feel like 40 days is too long for me and next time will shoot for 30-35 days. I am fairly active on my job, so that may have had something to do with it. One more thing. I did initially try not to use lotions or creams, but I tan often so I got so dry towards the end of the round (last 2 weeks) that I did use them. Actually, probably on and off through the entire round, just not daily like I was used to. So what did I learn, I learned that I am strong enough to do this, that I am worth it =) I have been redefining my relationship with food and learning to listen to my body. I have learned that just because I "want it" doesn't mean I need it, or, have to eat it. I know what is healthy for me, and I know how hard I worked to get to this point. Not sure what P3 will hold for me, hoping it goes as well as P2. HCG, so far, has been an answers to prayers. It helped me lose the weight, when so many other programs failed.... more on my journey soon <3

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  1. Faithful's Avatar
    Congratulations! Good luck in P3
  2. justjoan060's Avatar
    Congrats! That's a good feeling!
  3. rearviewmirror's Avatar
    You did Awesome!! 40 days is definitely an accomplishment!! Congrats!!
  4. slowk111's Avatar
    Congratulations! You are my New Hero! I am very new at this and have been very skeptical. I have read and read and read and finally decided what did I have to loose.... I had tried everything else. I am into day 4 and so far so good. No really hungry at all. Day 1 & 2 a little light headed, but drinking tea really helped with that. You have given me hope and a desire to stay the course. Again Thank You and Congrats!
    R1P2 Day 4.