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4 to go

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I made up the last of my injections today and found I have enough for 4 injections and then the three vlcd without. I cannot say I want this round to end just yet..I am 5 lbs short of my r3 goal but this had to be the worst round I've done..The losses were very slow. My first two rounds I had corion, this time I had pregnal and hucog. It may have been those brands or just the fact that my body wanted a break. I am gonna go 3 months before I start my next round which will be the biggest break in between rounds I have ever taken, but it is much needed. Next saturday I will post my accomplishments. Even tho it was a rough go this time I am glad I stuck it out the 40 days..I look and feel so much better and the compliments just keep rolling in..What an awesome feeling! Can't wait for some hwc, and avacado!!

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