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Roid Rage!

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So you may have thought that this post was something other than it is. No it is not hemroids (thank God!). I had a really rough night last night. I went to lay my little boy down for bed and got a shooting pain up my spine and down my leg. Being the person I am I shook it off and decided to go downstairs and watch an episode of the Biggest Loser. Well I should have done some stretches or something as soon as I felt that twinge because I had alot of trouble getting back off the couch. My boyfriend helped me up finally and I attempted to go upstairs to bed. I got to the stairs and raised my leg to step up and a pain so powerful shot thru my spine and down my leg that it dropped me to the floor right then and there. I actually was crying on those stairs for a good 20 minutes before trying to crawl up.. I have a relatively high pain tolerance so my boyfriend was really worried( He saw me go thru 28 hours of natural labor without crying, so this scared him). I didn't get any sleep last night, I couldn't find comfort. This morning I went to doc and discovered I have a herniated disc and sciatica. I am now on steroids and vicodin, I only take half the vicodin for fear it will mess with my losses, but I am also wondering what the steroids will do. Has anyone had an experience like this....will my losses stop?

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