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Grammy's Groupies MAIN

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Hey does anyone know for sure whether we are to go with ounces or calories. For example, my drops say 3.5 ounces of vegetable and 3.5 ounces of meat, etc. But if you cannot get to 500 calories can you increase the oz to get there?
I don't know what's correct but I have always went with ounces. I never really count calories in p2. PandI never mentioned how much ur veggies should weigh. I would increase those to get to 500 if your concerned about the calories.

Meri- I don't know if I could do it, all I think about is my coffe with creamer. It would probally a good idea though. I will ponder on it as my round come to a close.

I wasn't able to weigh today because I'm out of town. Won't get a weigh in till sunday morn. Hope to be close to liw by then though. I have been feelinf alot of muscle fatigue today. I usually get like this at the end of my rounds.

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